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Patient Stories

200-pound weight loss: A journey in self-discovery

Ronda LatterellRonda Latterell would be the first to tell you her 200-pound weight loss wasn’t just about shedding pounds, it was truly a journey of discovering herself and about how her body works.
The vivacious 5’ 4" 49-year-old first-grade teacher now spends her days with her students and her husband, exploring new adventures in Florida and taking risks – like zip lining or power parachuting.

But it wasn’t always this way.

Carrying forward after cardiac arrest

Ruthie NodsleOn June 16, 2010, Ruthie was making lunch at her home day care near Carlos when a carrot became lodged in her throat. She ate bread and drank water, but the pain in her chest didn’t go away. She recalls her daughter asking if she needed help and walking towards the door, but she never made it.

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