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Patient Stories

"I don't believe we'd have the beautiful son that we do if it wasn't for the care we received at St. Cloud Hospital"

Aaron and Jill's twins were born just short of 24 weeks, each weighing a little over one pound. Due to complications from the early delivery, both twins were lost within 48 hours.

Months later, Aaron and Jill found out they were pregnant again. This time, their son Wyatt was born seven and half weeks early and required a stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care until he could go home. They credit the St. Cloud Women & Children's Center staff for their compassion, encouragement and enormous support throughout their journey.

Wyatt Levin
"I don't take anything for granted. Every day is filled with blessings and I'm just so thankful to be here."

For most of her adult life, Angela Gross was told she'd never get pregnant. Miraculously, she did. Two weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Angela began experiencing unusual symptoms such as sore neck, headaches, sight issues and migraines.

It was the start of a journey over several months that would cause her to be treated for stroke and then a brain aneurysm. And then she discovered that she was pregnant again.

Angela Gross, Stroke at Age 39

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