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Family Medicine Residency Program Description

Our program prepares family physicians both to possess the training and expertise to provide definitive care for the vast majority of patients they will see in their practice, and to adapt to the leadership roles that will be part of their future practice in the community.

CentraCare Family Health Center Clinical Training

The University of Minnesota/St. Cloud Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program emphasizes teaching in outpatient settings that are supportive, exciting learning environments. Our instruction focuses on evidence-based medicine, and we teach you how to apply the current literature to your individual patients.

CentraCare Family Health Center is located in the CentraCare Northway building three blocks west of St. Cloud Hospital (SCH). The 19,009 square foot, state-of-the-art facility is completely equipped for educational purposes. We have 26 exam rooms and two procedure rooms, two Osteopathic Manipulation Technique rooms, a private entrance, a spacious waiting room, a classroom for teaching and separate workspace for faculty and residents. This clinic serves the St. Cloud metro area, which has a population of more than 100,000.

Our office uses innovative technology and equipment, including video Colposcopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy and ultrasound. Residents use personal computers and personal digital assistants in the hospital and at theCentraCare Family Health Center. We utilize an electronic medical record that is directly connected to the hospital electronic medical record.

The University of Minnesota/St. Cloud Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program embraces a patient-centered practice of medicine. Throughout your three years, you will be supported in learning the skills necessary to practice patient-centered medicine. Critical to the practice is the ability to create and sustain a therapeutic and ethically sound relationship with patients. These skills will be taught through lectures, rounds, precepting, video taping, coaching and group process.

Throughout the program, we will assign families to you with the expectation that you will provide their continuing care during your residency. You will develop a practice of your own that is part of a patient care team consisting of other residents, several nurses and physician faculty members. The team will share responsibility for families so other team members can provide continuity for you when you are not available. Mid-level providers assist in delivering urgent care services in the clinic.

Team members work together to deliver consistently high-quality patient care, while allowing enough time away for each individual to care for personal needs. Ancillary staff including medical assistants, LPN's, RN’s and patient advocates play important roles in helping to care for and educate our patients.

Clinical Training at St. Cloud Hospital

If your patients require hospitalization, you will admit them to St. Cloud Hospital with a faculty physician. The attending faculty on the hospital service will conduct rounds with you for all hospitalized CentraCare Family Health Center patients. While your patients are at SCH, you will have access to a full spectrum of specialty and subspecialty consultation services without loss of primary patient care responsibility. The faculty attendings will always be available to teach you and assist you in the care of your patients.

Because SCH is a regional, tertiary care hospital, you will be involved in the treatment of more complex medical cases than you might see in a smaller community hospital. You will have the opportunity to work with physicians and staff from many specialty areas that will provide you the background you will need to be more effective in your future practice. Simultaneously, because the Family Medicine Residency Program is the only residency at SCH, you will have opportunities to learn procedures and manage patients who might be referred to specialists in a university-hospital setting.

Affirmative action and equal opportunity educator and employer.


For more information, please contact:

University of Minnesota/St. Cloud Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program
1555 Northway Drive, Suite 200
St. Cloud, MN 56303-1867

Phone: 320-240-3112
Fax: 320-240-3165