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Building a Healthy Community

Long Prairie Building Project Update

CentraCare Health – Long Prairie is building a new medical campus enhancing services for our community's future health needs.

New Medical Campus Construction Update

Medical Campus Site:

  • Installation of cast stone for the front entry wall has begun.
  • Bathroom tile work has begun.
  • Large air handling units were hoisted onto the roof in early January.
  • Painting will begin in mid-January.

Assisted Living Site:

  • Window installation is underway. 
  • Roof framing is near completion.
  • Interior rough-ins for mechanical and electrical will begin in two of the wings.

Updated 11/13/17

Construction of the new medical campus at CentraCare Health – Long Prairie started in May 2016, with completion expected late 2017.

To-date over 500 donors have contributed over $2,540,000 to the Building a Healthy Community campaign in support of the new medical campus.

These gifts, in addition to the commitment from CentraCare Health, has secured the future of healthcare in Todd County.

Here are answers to some common questions about the Building a Healthy Community campaign.

Q: Do we really need a new facility? Why not just expand what we already have?

A: Our existing building is nearly 60 years old, which presents several challenges: The current hospital was constructed for extensive inpatient care, but today’s care is focused more in the outpatient setting.

The expected growth of the 0-14 and 65+ age groups will make meeting patient needs in our current facility increasingly difficult.

The existing building lacks sufficient private space for family consultation with providers, which doesn’t meet HIPAA standards.

The current site is land-locked, so we are unable to add the needed space to meet existing ADA and HIPAA standard or to add space for new visiting specialists.

Having only one operating room is a concern in emergency situations.

Q: What will the new facility include?

A: Current plans call for a 65,000-square-foot clinic and hospital facility:

  • 26 clinic exam rooms
  • 3 clinic procedure rooms
  • 12 private patient rooms for inpatient and
    outpatient services
  • 8 observations rooms for up to 23 hour stay; for emergency and outpatient services
  • 2 labor, delivery, and recovery suites
  • 2 operating suites
  • In-house MRI
  • Distinct and inviting clinic and emergency entrances
  • Decentralized nursing stations to enhance efficiency and improve patient monitoring
  • Bistro; open to the public
  • (From left to right) Dan Swenson, administrator, CentraCare Health – Long Prairie; Jacki Anderson, economic development officer, Office of Congressman Collin Peterson; Nicole Bjerke, senior development officer, CentraCare Health Foundation.
  • Construction continues this winter at CentraCare Health - Long Prairie.
  • A drone photo of the new assisted living site at Centracare Health - Long Prairie. Roof trusses are currently being set in the A wing. And framing is near complete in the B and C wings.
  • A drone photo of the construction work underway at Centracare Health - Long Prairie.
  • Work has begun on the new assisted living site.
  • (From left to right) Dan Hildebrandt, VP Operations, Farmers Union Industries; Nicole Bjerke, Senior Development Officer, CentraCare Health Foundation; Duane Anderson, CEO, Farmers Union Industries; Dan Swenson, Administrator, CentraCare Health – Long Prairie; Tom Beseman, Manager, Central Bi-Products.
  • Tom Sellnow, capital campaign chair, was the first to sign the final structural beam.
  • Work on CentraCare Drive has started. CentraCare Drive will connect highway 27 and highway 12; providing easy access to the new medical campus.
  • At the new Long Prairie medical campus site, work on the emergency department and birthing suites structure has been completed on schedule.
  • New Centracare Health - Long Prairie physician Harrison H. Hanson, MD, at the site of the new Long Prairie medical campus.
  • Several CentraCare Health employees toured the building site on July 26th and were pleased to see that the structural steel work had started.
  • Construction of the new medical campus at CentraCare Health – Long Prairie started in May 2016, with completion expected late 2017.
  • Current plans call for a 65,000-square-foot clinic and hospital facility, including 26 clinic exam rooms.
  • To date over 500 donors have contributed over $2,540,000 to the <i>Building a Healthy Community</i> campaign in support of the new medical campus.
  • The expected the assisted living facility to be completed in 2017, with the entire medical campus completion expected sometime later in 2017.

Q: Why are we reducing inpatient beds?

A: In the new facility, we will have 12 inpatient beds and 2 labor/delivery beds. Our average daily census is 7. On the occasions in which we have 15 inpatients, we are comfortable that we can flex to accommodate them by utilizing inpatient, observation and OB beds.

We based the decision regarding number of beds on our census data, demographic projections and the advice of experts in the field of medical facility design.

The size of the project also was based, in part, on the dollars available. While we cannot afford to build all that we might want, we can afford to build all that we need.

Q: Will the cost of care go up to pay for the new building?

A: No, in fact the efficiencies obtained with this new facility may actually reduce the cost of operations.

Q: How much will this project cost and how are we paying for it?

A: The project will cost an estimated $40.2 million, which includes the assisted living facility and city street work. We have surpassed our $2.5-million fundraising goal. The remainder of the cost is covered by the CentraCare Health facilities development budget.

We had originally been approved for a $25-million medical campus project. Due to rising costs, we asked the CCH Board of Directors for an additional $5 million to complete the medical campus, which does not include a wellness center at this time.

We have engaged a consultant, through the Foundation, to start working with us on the next steps for the wellness center. We will keep you posted on the progress.

"CentraCare Health – Long Prairie was one of our first steps into the regional market nearly 20 years ago. With that comes a rich history that we hope to continue long into the future. Long Prairie is doing great things to partner with the community to improve the health of all and CentraCare Health at the system level supports that work! We must also be wise stewards as we plan for the future. Triple aim, cost pressure, changes in reimbursement and government regulatory change all have and will have a large impact on the system."
Ken Holmen, MD
President and CEO
CentraCare Health

Q: When will the new facilities be open?

A: We expect the assisted living facility to be completed in 2017, with the entire medical campus completion expected sometime later in 2017.

Q: How will nursing home residents be transferred to the new ER/hospital/clinic visits?

A: We will buy a van to transport residents. In some instances, family will need to make arrangements for transportation. Rehab staff will see residents in the nursing home.

Q: Where will meals be prepared?

A: Nursing home meals will continue to be made at the kitchen on-site. Meals for the hospital and assisted living will be prepared in the assisted living kitchen and transferred in insulated carts. There will be a pantry, called a nutrition station, for hospital patients.

Staff will be able to swipe their ID badges to have the price of Bistro meals deducted from their pay. There will be one staff lounge for all staff.

Q: Where will the helipad be?

A: On the northeast corner of the new medical campus.

Q: With the new facility and Assisted Living will we hired additional Staff?

A: Yes. We plan to hire additional staff in the areas of Maintenance, Environmental Services, Nutrition Services, Laundry Services and other areas as needed.

Q: What about the old building?

A: John Dvorak, MD, and other possible specialty services will continue to see patients here.

Some staff, such as Health Information, Transcription, Finance and HR will remain. Their offices will be relocated to be near each other.

Some organizations in the community have expressed interest in the possibility of using this building.

We have moved!

The Foundation offices have moved to the NEW CentraCare Health South Point Building. Come see us at 3001 Clearwater Road in St. Cloud.

Contact the Foundation

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