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Named Endowments

The following endowment funds have been created by individuals to carry on family names or to honor special physicians, caregivers or friends. The principal of these gifts is invested and the interest is used to support the area designated by the benefactor.

Al & Yvonne Kremers Fund
Al Kremers Fund
Alcuin & Dorine Illies Fund
Almeda Ella Pollish Fund
Anna & Gracie Fund
Arthur F. & Barbara A. Grachek Fund
Aunt Leona Fund
Barb Caspers Fund
Bernie Belling Recovery Fund
Bill & Jean Kane Fund
Bill & Virginia Lee Fund
Bonnie & Stephen Bologna Fund
Boser Family Fund
Broker Family Fund
Carl & Marilyn Savage Fund
Celestine & Mary Lieser Fund
Chris Shorba Fund
Clara's Fund
Craig & Lynn Dahl Fund
Darwin & Rose Mary Bonn Fund
Dr. Fred & Lynn Engman Fund
Dr. Gerald L. & Karen Jurgens Cancer Survivorship Fund
Dr. Hans Engman Diabetes Fund
Dr. Harold E. Windschitl Cancer Research
Dr. Jessica & Andy Swartout Fund
Dr. Joseph & Patty Blonski Family Fund
Dr. Nicholas & Bernice Reuter Fund
Dr. Philip Halenbeck Education
Dr. Richard & Patricia Hart Fund
Dr. Robert Cumming Family Practice
Elizabeth Hayden & Charles Flinn, Jr. Fund
Fabian & Donna Eickhoff Family Fund
Flanagan Family Fund
Fred & Del Sexton Fund
Fred M. Riegger Fund
Gene & Sheelah Windfeldt Fund
George & Shirley Torrey Fund
George J. McDowall Memorial Fund
Granite City Dental Lab - William & Karen Young Fund
Greater MN Fight for a Cure Fund
Hank & Dee Coppock Fund
Harold & Carole Groustra Cancer Fund
Helen Liljedahl Fund
Herman Hollar Memorial Scholarship Fund
Hind Site Fund
Irene Walsh Fund
Jagielski Family Fund
Jake & Mary Essen Alzheimer's Education Fund
James & Helen Nahan Family Fund
James and Marion Miller Fund
Jean Kershner Lung Cancer Fund
Jerome E. Schmitz Tobacco Cessation Fund
John & Delphine Undersander Fund
John & Maryanne Mahowald Fund
John & Nancy Frobenius Breast Cancer Fund
Joseph J. & Susan M. Kuhl Heart Center Fund
Karla & Mark Donlin Fund
Kathy Janson Memorial Fund
Kay Pattison Fund
Kevin & Linda Switzer Fund
Kevin J Hughes Medical & Legal Ethics Fund
Kidney Klimb Fund
Knevel Family Fund
Kristine Cunningham Rose Memorial Fund
Lee & Mary Torborg Spiritual Care Fund
Leonard and Catherine Horn Fund
Liepert Family Fund
Lillian's Garden Fund
Linda Chmielewski Nursing Fund
Louise E. Theisen Fund
Madigan/Mosford Family Fund
Marco Health Fund
Mark D. Holm and Susie Osaki Holm Research Fund
McDowall Company, John & Cherie McDowall Fund
Mike & Joni Karl Family Fund
Nemeth Family Fund
Nicholas & Terese Houle Fund
Partners in the Art of Recovery Fund
Pat Opatz Cancer Research
Paul & Joanne Dorsher Fund
Paul T. & Nancy E. Moran Fund
Payton Blomstrom Perinatal & Pediatrics Palliative Care Fund
Peggy L Carlson - Charles D Nielsen Hope Fund
Quinlivan & Hughes Fund
RDR Advised Fund
Richard & Merryn R. Jolkovsky Fund
Richard B. Ruhoff Fund
Robert & Nancy Ferche Family Fund
Robert & Sandy Sexton Fund
Robert Mahowald Sr. Fund
Rosalie Timmers Junior Volunteer Scholarship
Rose Mary Bonn Garden Fund
Ruggerio CentraCare Health Volunteer Scholarship Fund
Sallie Engel Trauma Survivor's Education Fund
Sam Ellis Fund
SCH School of Nursing Alumni Scholarship
Sev & Ruth Koop Fund
Steven J Stiegel Memorial Fund
Streed Family Cleft & Craniofacial Fund
Sue & Terry Pladson Fund
Sy & Corrine Janochoski Donor Advised
Wayne & Hazel Bonn Memorial Fund
Weitzel Family Fund
William J. Held Memorial Scholarship
Wojtanowicz Family Fund
Yvonne Obermiller Kremers Nursing Scholarship

Named Funds as of June 1, 2015