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Our Mission Statement

CentraCare Health Foundation engages the philanthropic community in partnership to improve health and health care in Central Minnesota. We enable life victories everyday.

In pursuit of this mission, the Foundation will fund or otherwise sponsor:

  • Health education programs
  • Research to improve health
  • Programs that improve health services

The Foundation will fund organizational or institutional proposals that will support these objectives and lead to improvement in the health of Central Minnesota.

CentraCare Health Foundation only accepts electronic grant submissions. This is a two-step process, beginning with a letter of inquiry. Please login to set up an account. If you already have an account, you may login.

Grants Cycle Winter Spring
Submit letters of inquiry Oct. 3 -
Nov. 1, 2016
Feb. 6 -
March 6, 2017

Foundation invites or declines
full proposal

Nov. 22, 2016 March 20, 2017
Full proposal due Dec. 16, 2016 April 14, 2017
Funding decision made Feb. 9, 2017 June 12, 2017

General Grant Application Guidelines

The Foundation Board of Directors, in evaluating grant applications, will be guided by the following general principles:

  • Applicants must be eligible not-for-profit agencies.
  • Proposals must be consistent with the Mission Statement of the CentraCare Health Foundation.
  • Grants will be made to projects which will have primary impact in the following Central Minnesota counties: Benton, Crow Wing, Douglas, Kandiyohi, Meeker, Mille Lacs, Morrison, Pope, Sherburne, Stearns, Todd, Wadena and Wright.
  • The Foundation is reluctant to provide funding for ongoing operational support, administrative/indirect expenses for existing programs and capital related expenses. Proposals that address health issues through partnerships with multiple individuals and organizations are encouraged. Organizations are allowed one active grant at a time. Final reports must be in and approved prior to submitting a letter of inquiry for a new project.
  • All decisions regarding funding will be made without regard to race, color, creed, sex, handicap, religion, or national origin of the grant seeker, and without regard to an applicant’s relationship with the CentraCare Health or its subsidiaries.

Grant Application Process

The Board of Directors awards grants three times per calendar year.

Interested organizations should submit an online letter of inquiry in accordance with the timetable above.

To be considered for funding, grant applications must be submitted online by the published grant deadline.

Projects of a technical or scientific nature will be referred to a physician member for evaluation and recommendation, or for further referral if appropriate.

For information on how to apply on behalf of a CentraCare Health project, please contact Foundation staff.

Notification will be made following the Board decision.

Upon Board approval of an application, a grant agreement will be emailed to the recipient organization for review and signature(s).
Progress reports are required on a semi-annual basis, with a final report due at the conclusion of the project.

In the event a grant agreement is not signed and the applicant makes no request for the deferral of the project in the succeeding 12 months, the applicant must resubmit a new proposal for consideration.

Grants Awarded

Grants approved by the Foundation Board on June 13, 2016

Submitting Agency: Talahi Community School
Project Name: Handicapped Playground
Project Summary: This project will provide a playground that wheelchair bound children and those with missing limbs will be able to access the play equipment with ramps to give them access to using a swing for example.  Another key component of this handicapped playground will be a large sandbox with ramps in it so that children can use it with small benches.

Submitting Agency: Rivers of Hope
Project Name: Domestic Violence and Child Protection Advocacy Project
Project Summary: Rivers of Hope is requesting funding from the CentraCare Foundation to assist in a collaborative effort to improve their work with children and families impacted by the co-occurrence of domestic violence and child maltreatment.  The project will include policy and practice development and implementation, collaborative training, resource development, outreach and networking. The project will also expand and enhance outreach to youth in middle and high schools that have been impacted by domestic violence.

Submitting Agency: Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota
Project Name: St. Cloud Area Crisis Nursery
Project Summary: The goal of the St. Cloud Area Crisis Nursery is to eliminate child abuse and neglect and to offer support and validation for parents. The Crisis Nursery strives to help build healthy, vibrant communities by supporting parents in critical crisis situations when no other help is available. One of our main services is emergency childcare, which is provided to children from infancy to age 12 for up to 72 hours when parents are experiencing a crisis. However, an equally important component of our mission is to support parents and facilitate access to needed services (including health care and mental health care), thus leading parents on a journey of greater self-sufficiency.

Submitting Agency: Catholic Charities of the Diocese of St. Cloud
Project Name: Youth House Outreach
Project Summary: This project will enable the Street Outreach Worker to provide education, referrals, basic needs and critical resources of shelter, food, clothing, counseling, individual assessments and community needs. These needs may also include referrals to school liaisons, health care providers, legal guardians, parents, child welfare official’s, counties, and housing options.

The critical need for this project is to get homeless youth or youth at risk of homelessness off the street and into shelter, provide for their basic needs (food, clothing and healthcare) and assist youth in becoming self-sufficient, stable individuals and develop positive connections with resources

Submitting Agency: Confidence Learning Center
Project Name: Get FIT Minnesota: A Health and Wellness Program for Individuals with Disabilities
Project Summary: Get FIT is a community based health promotion program for individuals with disabilities and their caregivers that was first created through the Family Resource Network (FRN) of New Jersey in 2008. FRN recognized that while the nation discussed methods to reverse the obesity epidemic, disparities continued to exist with regards to obesity prevalence for people with disabilities and their caregivers. The program runs in partnership with local group home agencies and organizations. Once a week group Get FIT sessions will include 30 minutes of physical activity/fitness and 30 minutes of nutrition/health lessons.

Submitting Agency: Independent Lifestyles, Inc.
Project Name: Caregiver Retreats
Project Summary: Independent Lifestyles, Inc. is a private non-profit organization that serves people of all disabilities, their families and communities.  People who experience chronic illness and disability often rely on their caregivers for their physical, mental, and emotional well being which can be exhausting for the caregiver.  Independent Lifestyles will address this need by hosting three two day retreats offered throughout the year that allow caregivers to be on the receiving end and to relax, rejuvenate and take wellness strategies back with them to their daily lives.

Submitting Agency: True Friends
Project Name: True Friends Health Services
Project Summary: True Friends is the organization created through the 2012 merger of Camp Courage and Camp Friendship/Friendship Ventures. True Friends’ camp and respite care experiences benefit families by providing opportunities for their children with disabilities to challenge themselves through outdoor adventures. True Friends programs benefit clients with disabilities through play, nature discovery and group activities.

Submitting Agency: St. Cloud State University
Project Name: Keep it Quiet – Film and Outreach Program
Project Summary: Keep It Quiet is a short film intended to provide an aesthetic experience of the suicidal trance for those who have not themselves experienced severe depression or the “black cylinder” suicidal state and an appeal to those who may have suffered from insistent suicidal thoughts to break the silence. We will shoot the film locally and screen it in at least five Minnesota towns (including St. Cloud, Monticello, and Melrose) free of charge, with a strong preference given to nontraditional venues to promote maximum visibility and community access for those who may not ordinarily attend independent film screenings or mental health awareness events.

Grants approved by the Foundation Board on Feb. 10, 2016

Submitting Agency: Children’s Dental Services
Project Name: Expansion of portable dental care to 1,000 low-income Central Minnesota Children and Pregnant Women
Project Summary: There is a critical need for dental care in the St. Cloud region for low-income children and pregnant women due to extreme shortages of dentists accepting public or no insurance.  CDS is experiencing an influx of requests for care, partly due to the increasing African immigrant population in the region (St. Cloud, MN: Somali Populations Grow Rapidly Since 2009, Refugee Resettlement Watch, 2014). CDS will divert dental disease from the emergency room setting by providing a comprehensive range of culturally targeted and translated preventive treatment and education to 1,000 low-income children and pregnant women.

Submitting Agency: CentraCare Health
Project Name: Heart Failure Steering Committee    
Project Summary: CentraCare Heart Failure Steering Committee exists to focus on improving the health of health failure patients, high risk patients and the community as a whole. The steering committee oversees four heart failure working groups; hospital work group, Clinic & Transitions Work group, Innovation & Research Group and Community Work Group. These groups are all working together to achieve the common goals of the steering committee. These common goals are to develop best practices and guideline for management of heart failure patients in inpatient and outpatient settings, as well as reduce all-cause readmissions for patients who had been previously hospitalized with an exacerbation of heart failure.

Submitting Agency: Employment Enterprises
Project Name: Equipment Upgrade for Medically Fragile Individuals        Project Summary: Employment Enterprises, Inc., (EEI) is a nonprofit organization licensed by the Department of Human Services to provide training, support, and services to people with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses. EEI runs a job-training program helping people acquire skills to prepare them for meaningful employment at local businesses.  In addition to job training, EEI specializes in care and services for medically fragile individuals with moderate to profound intellectual and physical disabilities. Due to the high needs for physical care, employment is secondary to ensuring daily care is completed in a safe and respectful manner. The rocker platform, which is part of this grant request, assists in meeting vestibular stimulation for many consumers; for some it is just pure pleasure.

Submitting Agency: Arc Midstate
Project Name: Regional Potpourri Conference
Project Summary: Regional Potpourri Conference February 27, 2016; designed to increase skills and knowledge of those who are providing care for children and teens with special needs. Arc Midstate will lead with support from the Partners in Exceptional Care for Children Committee including CentraCare – Pediatrics, Child Care Choices, UCP of Central Minnesota, St. Cloud Area IEIC, Stearns County Developmental Disabilities Unit, and St. Cloud School District – Project Challenge.

Submitting Agency: Central MN Mental Health Center
Project Name: St. Cloud Area Child Response Initiative                
Project Summary: The Central MN Mental Health Center (CMMHC) and its community partners recognized the need to improve the response to children experiencing traumatic incidents, from the initial contact by law enforcement, through the judicial process and continuing through the therapeutic healing process.  To better serve children in Central MN ages 0-17 who are exposed to violence and trauma, the St. Cloud Area Child Response Initiative (SCA-CRI) program was established in 2014. This program specifically targets St. Cloud area youth who have experienced traumatic incidents. SCA-CRI was implemented to reduce children’s exposure to traumatic events and to mitigate the effects of child trauma when law enforcement is called upon to respond.

Submitting Agency: Minnesota Gerontological Society
Project Name: Professional Training in Gerontological and Geriatric Principles
Project Summary: This educational project is an innovative collaborative proposal to develop and offer free professional training webinars in gerontological and geriatric principles to health care professionals, aging services staff, and family/volunteer caregivers in the CentraCare service area. Two complimentary series of educational webinars will be developed. The Minnesota Gerontological Society and St. Cloud State University School of Health and Human Services Gerontology Program will develop the gerontology curriculum, provide qualified gerontologist instructors, and produce three webinars on the social, biological, psychological, and cognitive aspects of aging.

Medical Mission Grants

The St. Cloud Medical Foundation Fund was set up by physicians practicing in St. Cloud to be used for projects coordinated by St. Cloud Physicians that have community benefit and/or to provide modest support for local individuals to perform medical mission work around the world.

An amount is allotted each September through the CentraCare Health Foundation Grants committee to use towards medical mission trips. Send the completed application to the CentraCare Health Foundation, 1406 Sixth Avenue N, Saint Cloud, MN 56303, by Aug. 1 in order to be reviewed. Notice of acceptance will be sent by the end of October.

The Houle Medical Mission Scholarship funded by Nicholas and Terese Houle support groups who can help meet the health care needs of people in developing countries including the country of Honduras. Send the completed application to the CentraCare Health Foundation, 1406 Sixth Avenue N, St. Cloud, MN 56303, in order to be reviewed. Scholarships are given out twice a year with application deadlines of July 15 and Sept. 15.

The Pladson Medical Mission Scholarship funded by Dr. Terence and Sue Pladson to support groups who can help meet the health care needs of people in developing countries including the countries of Guatemala and Honduras. Send the completed application to the CentraCare Health Foundation, 1406 Sixth Avenue N, Saint Cloud, MN 56303, by Aug. 1 in order to be reviewed. Notice of acceptance will be sent by the end of October.

Spirit of Caring Award

The Spirit of Caring Award is a community service award that recognizes collaborative efforts to improve people’s health through education, intervention or service. The award carries a $5,000 grant.

CentraCare Health Foundation recognizes the power of individuals working together to address health-related issues. Each year, we honor an individual or group for that sort of collaboration by honoring them with the Spirit of Caring award.

Nominate a project or program by June 30 for the Spirit of Caring Award.

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