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Pricing Information

St. Cloud Hospital

Explanation of Patient Charges

"Charges" represent the highest amount that a patient or other payer (insurance company) would be asked to pay for services. We are required to send you a statement after you receive services that lists the "Charges" for all the services you received.

These are hospital charges only; they do not include physician fees.

Government programs (Medicare, Medicaid and others) set their own price for services annually and do not negotiate with the hospital.

What you pay for services at St. Cloud Hospital will depend on your insurance company/HMO’s negotiated discounts and your specific health plan.

Uninsured persons also receive discounts, and charity care is available to assist patients without the means to pay for services.

No one is refused service at St. Cloud Hospital based on ability to pay.

For questions or information about pricing and charges, please call 320-251-2700, ext. 54447 or 800-835-6652, ext. 54447.

For questions or information about financial assistance, please call St. Cloud Hospital's Business Office at 320-251-2700, ext. 55613 or 800-835-6652, ext. 55613.

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