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Pediatric Cancer Services – St. Cloud Hospital

Through a partnership between St. Cloud Hospital and Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, children in Central Minnesota can get care for cancer and blood disorders closer to home.

How can your child get pediatric cancer services?

Talk to your provider or call 320-229-4923.

Why choose St. Cloud Hospital for pediatric cancer services?

  • Partnership with Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. Your child can receive care in St. Cloud when possible, saving you time and travel costs. If further care is needed at Children’s, know that the transition to the Cities will be seamless. Our oncology/hematology teams have been partnering together for more than 10 years and have developed a strong working relationship so that care is co-managed and coordinated at the most appropriate site.Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota logo
  • Children’s pediatric cancer treatment protocols. We share the same treatment guidelines, protocols and recommendations, meaning that you’ll receive the same care in St. Cloud as you would in the Twin Cities.
  • Enhanced services. You can be treated for things like fever and neutropenia in St. Cloud because of newly enhanced services within the pediatric critical care units at St. Cloud Hospital.
  • Regular outpatient visits by Children’s oncologists and hematologists at St. Cloud Hospital’s Pediatric Short Stay & Infusion Unit.
  • Registered nurses with pediatric expertise. All nurses at the Pediatric Short Stay & Infusion Unit are trained in pediatric advanced life support and emergency care of children.
  • Child life specialists. Our child life specialists help children have a positive health care experience.
  • Facility designed for your child’s needs. The Pediatric Short Stay & Infusion Unit has all private rooms to control the spread of germs. The area does not feel like a hospital. It has toys, books, art supplies, computers, movies and video games. 
  • Family support. We encourage families to join our events and advisory councils. These activities allow families to share, learn and inspire one another along their cancer journeys.
  • Behavioral health services. All children have access to our behavioral health staff. We know emotional issues can arise with a life-threatening or long-term illness.



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