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Family Medicine - CentraCare Health

You and your family’s health is our priority.

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CentraCare’s family medicine providers are experienced in preventive, urgent and total health care needs of all ages with locations in many Central Minnesota communities.

CentraCare’s family medicine providers are dedicated to providing excellent service and the highest quality of care to those we serve. You will find physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who can care for you and your family at any stage of your life. Our providers are here to help you live a long and healthy life.

Our family medicine clinics offer on-site X-ray, imaging and on-site or nearby pharmacy and laboratory services.

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Advance scheduling for appointments with our caring providers and staff is required so call to make your appointment today. Interpreters are available for appointments if requested at the time of scheduling. When you arrive for your appointment you will need to bring your insurance information with you. Charges for services can be paid by insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, MinnesotaCare, private insurance) or by the individual. Most insurances are accepted.

Health Care Home

Our family medicine providers often care for patients with complex and ongoing health care needs. CentraCare’s Health Care Home program is designed to help health care providers, patients and patients’ families work together to provide better coordinated care for patients with more complex health needs.

D.I.A.M.O.N.D. Program (Depression Improvement Across Minnesota, Offering A New Direction)

A Better Way to Manage Your Depression

The D.I.A.M.O.N.D. Program is a collaborative care approach to treating depression in the patient’s primary care clinic. The health care provider works closely with a care coordinator and consults with a psychiatrist as needed to manage the patient’s depression. This model of depression care provides more education, frequent patient follow-up, better monitoring of outcomes and more timely referrals to mental health specialists when necessary.

Growth & Development Guidelines

The growth and development guides were developed for newborns up to age 18. These guides are designed to help parents understand what is considered "normal" for each age of development, as well as safety tips and when to call your health care provider.

The following guides are available for you to download in PDF.

Newborn to 1 year

1 year to 5-6 year

7-10 year to 15-18 year

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