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  • Link to Life – Personal Emergency Response System

Link to Life – Personal Emergency Response System

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St. Cloud Hospital offers a personal emergency response system called Link to Life, formerly known as Lifeline. Link to Life puts a call for help right at a person’s fingertips. For around $1 a day, keep your loved one safe and independent at home.

Find comfort and peace of mind that help is instantly available.

Mother and DaughterLink to Life can benefit people of all ages and is especially helpful for:

  • Anyone living at home alone
  • Elderly
  • Disabled
  • People with chronic health problems
  • People recovering from surgery
  • People with mobility problems

Personal Emergency Response System

In a home emergency, Link to Life users push a small, portable button, usually worn on a necklace, wrist or clipped to a belt. The button signals a call center where trained professionals call the Link to Life user to see if the type of help needed can be determined over the phone. If there is no response, the staff person will then call a neighbor or relative on the responder list to check on the user. Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Daily check-in

Many people do not get a daily visit or phone call; Link to Life can fill the gap. Each day, the subscriber is required to activate a button to indicate all is well.

Reminder System

Families can record up to eight personal reminders, such as when to take a medication, to play at preset times. This allows individuals to remain personally responsible with a little help.

Medication Dispenser

Missed medication doses or taking the wrong dose is one of the top five reasons for re-admittance to the hospital or nursing. The Link to Life Medication Dispenser automatically triggers a reminder signal each time a dose is scheduled to ensure medications are taken on-time, every time.

Fall Detector

The risk of falling, an ongoing concern for anybody with impaired balance or mobility, increases with age. More than half of all falls take place within the home. The Link to Life Fall Detector is the ideal solution for reliable fall detection and alert.

Lifestyle Accessories

The Link to Life offers the following accessories to fit various lifestyle needs and preferences:

  • Additional Alert Button
  • Adaptive Alert Button
  • Motion Detector
  • Door and Window Contacts/Senior Security
  • Sensor Mat