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Medical Weight Loss Options

  • Very Low Calorie Diet
  • Modified – Low Calorie Diet
  • Pre-surgery weight loss
  • Weight loss medications

Our medical weight loss options are designed to meet an individual’s unique weight loss needs. We take an evidence-based approach using researched and established methods to achieve weight loss and weight maintenance. Our program utilizes specialists in many areas of medicine including bariatric medicine, psychology, nutrition and exercise to provide the highest level of care available in Central Minnesota.

Patients may benefit from our program if they:

  • Have health issues that would improve with weight loss;
  • Work well with a multidisciplinary team approach to facilitate greater weight loss and successful long term weight maintenance;
  • Have an upcoming surgery and could decrease the risks of anesthesia/surgery or recovery as directed by surgeon. 

You may be a candidate for medical weight loss if you have:

  • A body mass index (BMI) of 25 or more;
  • An ability to make a variety of lifestyle changes required for long-term weight maintenance.
    • Lifestyle changes include:
      • Protein and fiber at every meal
      • Regular exercise
      • Regular meal plan
      • Non-calorie beverages
      • Slow eating, thorough chewing, mindfulness

Four Phases in the Medical Weight Loss Program:

Screening Phase

  • A medical exam is conducted by one of our physicians which includes a history and physical, EKG and complete blood test.
  • An assessment of your eating behaviors, eating patterns and lifestyle habits that can affect your weight and ability to lose and maintain a healthy weight is completed. A review of nutrition and personal diet history is also included in the screening process.

Reducing Phase

  • Rapid, safe weight loss using medical meal replacement products is prescribed. Participants use New Direction nutritional products as their sole source or partial source of nutrition.
  • Weekly, medical monitoring by the nurse and physician will help you lose weight safely.
  • Weekly classes or personal coaching sessions cover topics in nutrition, personal effectiveness and exercise.
  • Development and implementation of a structured exercise program is managed by an exercise specialist.
  • Length of time in this phase depends on how much weight you need to lose.

Transition Phase

  • Individual consultation with one of our registered dietitians to transition gradually to eating regular foods.
  • Medical monitoring continues.
  • Weekly education or individual personal coaching continues.

Maintenance Phase

  • S.T.A.R. (Steps To Avoid Regain) Program beings.
  • Fine tuning of new eating, behavior and exercise skills and habits occur.
  • Individual meetings with healthcare professionals are available, as necessary.
  • We ask participants to attend maintenance classes for six months, giving you time to settle into the new lifestyle and new habits. This is the most important phase in the program.

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