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Farmers Market Fresh Item

Welcome to our weekly feature that profiles one ingredient available at local farmers markets. Each week we will showcase a new vegetable or fruit, share some information about it and suggest some recipes you can prepare with it. All through October, you can come back each week to view a new ingredient and review the information for those previously featured.

asparagus rhubarb
Week 1: Asparagus Week 2: Rhubarb
basil spinach
Week 3: Basil Week 4: Spinach
kale kohlrabi
Week 5: Kale Week 6: Kohlrabi
Broccoli Strawberries
Week 7: Broccoli Week 8: Strawberries
sugar snap peas Cucumber
Week 9: Sugar Snap Peas Week 10: Cucumbers
Green Beans Carrots
Week 11: Green Beans Week 12: Carrots
Zucchini Melons
Week 13: Summer Squash/Zucchini Week 14: Melons
Tomatoes Sweet Corn
Week 15: Tomatoes Week 16: Sweet Corn
Peppers Eggplant
Week 17: Peppers Week 18: Eggplants
Beets Cauliflower
Week 19: Beets Week 20: Cauliflower
Red Cabbage Week 22: Brussels Sprouts
Week 21: Red Cabbage Week 22: Brussels Sprouts
Apples Potatoes
Week 23: Apples Week 24: Potatoes
Winter Squash Pumpkins
Week 25: Winter Squash Week 26: Pumpkins

Farmers Market at CentraCare Health — Paynesville

The final Farmers Market of the year at CentraCare Health—Paynesville will be on October 27th from 11 am to 1 pm.

Thanks to everyone who has made it out this year!