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Week 13: Summer Squash/Zucchini

All About It:

There are three main types of summer squash.Summer squash, which includes zucchini, crookneck, are eaten raw, cooked or shredded/grated for baked goods. Halve zucchini lengthwise, remove some of the interior, fill it with ground meat, cheese, tomatoes and bake until stuffing is cooked.

Have you ever eaten squash blossoms? You can fry them, stuff them with cheese and bake them or make them into soup.

Even though there are many colors, shapes and sizes, the three main types of summer squash are:

  • yellow straightneck or crookneck
  • smaller saucer-shaped or scalloped pattypans
  • oblong green or gold zucchini

Pick summer squash when they reach the size you prefer, before they are overly large with large seeds and hard skins. If you keep them dry and refrigerated, summer squash will be good for one to two weeks.


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