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  • Healthy Recipes

Healthy Recipes

PastaHere you will find a compilation of recipes from a variety of sources including CentraCare Health staff, patients and other healthy cookbooks. Whenever possible we have credited the source of the recipe. We strive to keep our recipes within the Cardiac Diet Guidelines, which includes low saturated fat, low trans fat, and moderate in sodium. Diabetics who count carbohydrates will appreciate the amount of carbohydrates documented at the end of each recipe as well.

Our philosophy is that healthy food also should taste good, and we hope you’ll find that to be accurate after trying some of the recipes. We also acknowledge that we live in a busy time, with people wanting to spend less time with food preparation. For that reason, most of the recipes have a short list of ingredients and don’t take a long time to prepare.

Best of health and happy cooking!

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