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L.I.F.E. Program

  • Patient Story - Susan

Patient Story - Susan

New ‘L.I.F.E.’ style helps woman lose weight, control diabetes

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

The third time is a charm.

They may be clichés, but for Susan Miles of St. Cloud these expressions took on a new meaning for her weight loss.

David Kroska, MD, obstetrician & gynecologist with CentraCare Clinic –Women & Children, helped Susan and her husband, Robert, through infertility issues due to her polycystic ovarian syndrome. This led to the birth of their son Michael in 2000.

Now age 42, Susan has been a repeat attendee at Dr. Kroska’s L.I.F.E. (Lifestyle, Food & Exercise) Program. After her third time through the eight-week program, Susan is 70 pounds lighter and no longer needs the three medications she had been taking for her diabetes.

“I believe in Dr. Kroska, and I believe in the program,” Susan said. “I was dragging my feet after the first two times through the program, but now that I’m doing what I need to do, the weight is just falling off. And my husband has started eating the same foods as he recognizes the incredible success I have had.”

 “Our basement stairs used to be a huge challenge for her,” Robert said. “Now she can carry a basket of laundry up and down the steps too — and I need track shoes to keep up with her on walks.”

Both of Susan’s parents have diabetes, which inspired her to lose weight. “Diabetes scares me. It has too many complications,” Susan said. “But, just because it’s in your genetics, it doesn’t have to be your destiny.”