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"Your Health" on KNSI Radio

Your Health is important to us.

To help explain issues important to your health, CentraCare Health physicians, advanced practice providers and other health care professionals are talking each week on the new KNSI radio show, “Your Health.” We are bringing health news to our community in many ways and you can listen to “Your Health,” right here! Or, listen weekly on AM 1450 and FM 99.3, Saturdays at 2:30 p.m. and Sundays at 9:30 a.m.

March 23: Common Sleep Issues

Dr. Troy Payne, Neurologist, Sleep Medicine at Centracare, will share with us what really is good sleep and how much sleep we should be getting. We’ll discuss common sleep issues, what are things people can do at home to get better sleep and when do they need to see a professional for help.

March 16: Adverse Childhood Experiences

Pam Beckering, Adverse Childhood Experiences coordinator with CentraCare, will discuss how traumatic events experienced as children can have a life-long impact on health. Pam will explain what Adverse Childhood Experiences are, their impact on you or your child’s health and how your health care provider can help.

March 9: Common Winter Health Conditions

Dr. Sean Wherry from Family Medicine talks about common winter health conditions in the community, home remedies that work and are safe to try, common wives’ tales, and where to seek care for different types of health conditions.

March 2: Wellness

Jodi Gertken, Community Wellness Program Director, talks about how living healthy isn’t just about receiving care when you’re sick. It’s also about living healthy to potentially prevent health issues in the future.