Medical Mission Grants

Houle Medical Mission Scholarship

Funded by Nicholas & Terese Houle Fund of the CentraCare Foundation

CentraCare Foundation engages the philanthropic community to improve health and health care. Its primary geographic focus is communities served by CentraCare; however, we also serve people around the world through the vision and generosity of our benefactors. Nicholas & Terese Houle support teams of people who can help meet the health care needs of people in developing countries including the country of Honduras. Below are the criteria and eligibility requirements of the Medical Mission Scholarship.


  • The applicant has applied to volunteer on a medical mission trip with a qualified organization to Honduras or other parts of the world within 12 months of applying for a scholarship. The organization coordinating the mission must be a U.S.-based qualified non-profit group.
  • Individuals may apply who have received a previous scholarship.
  • The applicant is not a family member of Nicholas & Terese Houle.
  • Preference will be given to an applicant that is a current or former employee of CentraCare or has a family member who is a current or former employee of CentraCare.
  • Medical students may apply, practicing physicians are not eligible.


  • The application deadline is Aug. 15. Your application must be complete, legible and submitted by the deadline.
  • Attach a copy of your application to the qualified organization such as the International Health Service.
  • Applications are to be mailed to CentraCare Foundation, 1406 6th Avenue No., St. Cloud, MN 56303, Attn: Sandy Spoden, or via email to
  • Grants will be awarded to the qualified sponsoring organization in the applicant’s name. No grants will be awarded directly to an individual.

St. Cloud Medical Mission Scholarship

The St. Cloud Medical Mission Scholarship was set up through physicians practicing in St. Cloud to be used for projects coordinated by St. Cloud Physicians that have community benefit and/or to provide modest support for local individuals to perform medical mission work around the world. Criteria:

  • Applicants should be residents of Stearns, Benton or Sherburne Counties.
  • Typed or printed applications should be sent to the CentraCare Foundation, 1406 6th Avenue N, St. Cloud, MN 56303, or emailed to by Aug. 15.
  • Notice of acceptance will be sent by the end of September.