Open Enrollment Resources

Benefits information can be overwhelming. We have developed materials to help you understand this information so you can make the best benefit choices for you and your family.

Medical Plan options

Are you needing a detailed explanation of how each of the three medical plans work? Watch and listen to this recorded presentation.

Take a look at a written side-by-side comparison and information on how each of the medical plans covers prescription medications.

Are you eligible for or enrolled in Medicare, TriCare or another group health plan? If so, please read this important information on how that other enrollment impacts your medical plan choices.

Health Savings Account

If you are enrolled in one of the HSA Medical Plans, CentraCare will make a bi-weekly contribution into the Health Savings Account on your behalf. You may also choose to make pre-tax contributions into your Health Savings Account, up to the maximum established by the IRS.

If you wish to contribute to your Health Savings Account in 2023, you must elect to do so. Any current election in 2022 does not carry forward into 2023. Please click here for details.

If you newly elect a Health Savings Account Plan for 2023, after open enrollment ends you will need to open and activate your HSA by logging into your Fidelity account. Your HSA must be opened and activated in order to receive funding.

You have 90 days to complete this. If not completed in 90 days, any funding will be returned. If you later open and activate your HSA you must notify the benefits department via a MyPortal case, after which the employer funding will begin from that date forward.

Watch for emails from Fidelity starting around mid-December with instructions on how to open and activate your HSA — don’t lose out on employer contributions!

Dental Plan

Our dental plan design remains the same for 2023. Please click here for a plan design summary and 2023 premium rates.

Vision Plan

Did you know that you have great options for discounts on eyeglasses, contacts, and laser eye surgery without having to purchase vision insurance?

Click here for information on those discounts and how to access them!

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

CentraCare offers a Medical FSA, a Limited FSA, and a Dependent Care FSA. Read here for more information on each of these accounts, including what your maximum election can be. FSA elections do not carry over from year-to-year, so if you want to be enrolled in 2023, you must make the election during Open Enrollment.

Supplemental Life Insurance

Supplemental Life insurance is available for purchase on yourself, your spouse and your children (under age 26). During open enrollment, if you are already enrolled in Supplemental Life Insurance at a level less than the maximum, you may elect to increase your Supplemental Life Insurance by one level only with no medical questions asked.

More details can be found by clicking here.

Legal Plan

The Legal Plan, offered through MetLife Legal Plans, provides you, your spouse and your dependent children with telephone and office consultations for an unlimited number of legal matters with the MetLaw attorney of your choice.

Before enrolling, it is recommended to check for in-network attorneys in your area by calling 800-821-6400 or visiting their website and entering password 1500688. The plan costs $7.27 per pay period. You may only enroll or drop coverage during open enrollment. Mid-year enrollments or cancellations are not allowed.

View additional details on MetLife legal services here.

How do I enroll?

Between Nov. 14 and Dec. 2, go to Oracle, click on Company Single Sign-On, then click on Me, Journeys, Open Enrollment 2023.

*If you do experience a mid-year qualify life event (such as a marriage, divorce, birth/adoption of a child, or loss of other coverage), you may make a mid-year election change in Oracle within 30 days of the qualifying life event and providing supporting documentation of the event.