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CentraCare partners with the University of Minnesota on aspirin use campaign

Published in Media Releases Author: CentraCare

St. Cloud, Minn. – Did you know there are 16,000 new heart attacks and strokes in Minnesota each year?

CentraCare Health is partnering with the University of Minnesota to raise awareness on the health benefits of low-dose aspirin to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in a targeted population. 

The “Ask About Aspirin” campaign is designed to educate our population on the benefits of this drug and to encourage people to ask their provider if aspirin is right for them. Aspirin helps to reduce clots in the blood that can cause heart attack and stroke to occur.

Daily aspirin can help prevent a first heart attack or stroke.

You may be a candidate if: 

  • You are male between the age of 45 and 79;
  • You are female between the age of 55 and 79;
  • You have not had a bleeding ulcer from the stomach or intestine;
  • You are not allergic to aspirin; and 
  • You are not taking other clot-preventing or anti-inflammatory medications.

Talk to your provider to find out if aspirin use is right for you. For more information, visit