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Make a Big Finish at the Earth Day Run

Published in General, For the Health of It, Exercise Author: Kelijo Fernholz, Exercise Physiologist

This year marks the first year that CentraCare Health is the lead organizer of the Earth Day Run events. Most runners think only about getting to the finish. But putting a little bit of thought into what you’ll do AFTER the finish line can help make your entire race experience much more pleasant.

Make your final Earth Day Run memories good ones. Whether you are running in Friday’s St. Cloud Subaru 5K or Saturday’s SCHEELS Half Marathon, here are a couple post-race plans to keep in mind.

  • Once you cross the finish line, keep moving. To give your legs time to cool down and to prevent any cramping, try to keep moving for a little bit after the race such as a light jog or walk.
  • For half-marathon finishers, you will want to get some food in you as soon as your stomach can tolerate it (ideally within 30 minutes of finishing).
  • Make sure to drink additional fluids (like water or a sports drink) to replace what you’ve lost while running.
  • Stretching well after your race can help reduce the amount of soreness you may experience the following day.
  • Lots of people congregate around the finish line at Husky Stadium, but it can be difficult finding someone in the crowd afterward. Agree ahead of time with friends or family to meet a short distance away from the finish line. Possibilities include:
    • the endzone under the big scoreboard
    • up in the stadium seats at the 50-yard line
    • or near the entrance gate to Husky Stadium
  • For Half Marathon finishers on Saturday, leaving a set of clothes in your bag drop to change into after the race can help you feel much more comfortable afterwards.
  • For both the Friday and Saturday races, the locker rooms at Halenbeck Hall will be available if you need to shower or change clothes afterwards. But please take care of your valuables as locks will not be provided.
  • Don’t run off after your race! On Friday night, everyone can enjoy the Health and Fitness Expo until 8 p.m. On Saturday morning, the El-Jay Plumbing and Heating Post-Race Party is open to runners and non-runners and will feature food, beer, kids activities (including inflatables), and music by Shalo Lee. Please be aware that all party attendees must bring an ID for alcoholic beverage service.
  • Share your experience with others on social media using the hashtag #EDR16

For more information on all of the Earth Day Run weekend activities and to register to run, please visit