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New Environment — New Stress

Published in Massage, For the Health of It Author: Shawn Linn, CMT

It comes as no surprise to me with the rapid changes of work environments that I am getting a recurring complaint. “My neck and upper back have been really tight lately.” I believe you.

Having to suddenly drop everything and work from home seems like a sweet deal. But not having an ergonomically correct workstation, doing work you do not normally do, or having your cat decide that your keyboard is a perfect place to settle down for a while can be a real challenge.

With those challenges comes new stress and some new aches and pains. Stress, in general, tends to gather in our necks and shoulders in the form of tension. The longer we have this uninterrupted tension, the pain is sure to follow.

Help is on the way! Lifestyle Health is open again with some new safety guidelines in place. Medical massage and acupuncture are some of the best ways to combat increased tension or pain.

We may not be able to change our work situation, but we do not have to just live with the aftermath either.

It might be more difficult to recognize us while wearing the necessary PPE, but we still are providing skilled and thoughtful health services for anyone willing to do their body a favor.

“You cannot pour from an empty cup” is a true statement. Take some time to recover from the new stress you have been experiencing so you can feel your best. We are here to help and just a phone call away!

For more information and/or to schedule an appointment, please call Lifestyle Health at 320-534-3096 or email Request an appointment today.