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Massage Therapy for Auto Accidents or Workers’ Comp

Published in Massage, For the Health of It Author: Shawn Linn, CMT, BCTMB

If you are ever in the unfortunate position of being in an automobile accident or an accident at work, life can change in an instant. Suddenly, you can be dealing with pain and stress that can leave you feeling broken. It is hard to know where to turn first, but seeing your doctor right away is the best choice.

But what happens when you have been medically cleared from an injury but still have pain? Or maybe you simply cannot return to work because of an accident? As a board-certified massage therapist, I have seen a wide variety of injuries and complaints and I know firsthand that even though you are medically cleared, it does not always mean that you’re back to normal. So many cases involve people who have lingering pain long after the accident and do not know where to turn.

Skilled massage therapy may just be the answer. Massage is more than something you do to pamper yourself. There is a wide variety of modalities and techniques that can be applied that directly address your pain — past or present.

It can be challenging to understand, but the body has a hard time just letting go of pain or stress on its own. You see, when the mind or body goes through a traumatizing event, such as a car accident, your body recognizes this as an injury or a threat and defaults to tightening up surrounding tissues — like a natural splint to limit range of motion and prevent further injury. It is amazing how the body can act upon the most subtle or intense traumas with nearly the same response. But as wonderful as that auto-protection mode is when it kicks in, it is not so great at knowing when to turn off. It can hold tissues tight for hours, days or even years following a trauma.

What I have found is that massage is one of the best ways to influence your bodies protection mechanism and persuade it to stop trying so hard. Massage therapy is a real treatment for pain that should be on the radar for anyone who suffers from an injury.

By working alongside your current health care team — doctors, physical and occupational therapists or pain specialists to name a few — massage can be help tip the scales and get you back to feeling well. It is time to start using massage as more than a luxury service.

At CentraCare – Lifestyle Health, we specialize in treating pain related to auto accidents and workers’ compensation claims. If approved by your primary care provider and either your auto insurance or your workers’ comp, we can directly bill insurance or utilize your health savings account (HSA) payments for our services.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Lifestyle Health at 320-534-3096 or We look forward to hearing from you!