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Wash Your Hands. Really!

Published in For the Health of It

You’ve probably have heard about the importance of handwashing repeatedly since Coronavirus (COVID-19) has become a daily news story. And you probably heard it from your mother a thousand times.

Guess what? The experts are right. And your mother was right, too.

Information for our Central Minnesota Communities About COVID-19

The steps to washing your hands are simple. Maybe so much so that we take them for granted. To help freshen up on how to keep your hands fresh and clean — here are some popular online resources and social media memes on the subject at hand.


For Children and Teens: Follow the Handwashing Steps – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Follow the Handwashing Steps

Note: Click on the above image to view a larger PDF at

To help your child get the message. Or a who adult who occasionally acts like a child. Put it up by your sink at home to remember all the steps when washing your hands. Additional posters in other languages are also available at

Stop Germs! Wash Your Hands! – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Note: Click on the above image to view a larger PDF at

Reviews all the situations when you should wash your hands afterward. How well do you remember them all?


How to Wash Your Hands – Minnesota Dept. of Health

Straight and to the point.

What You Need to Know About Handwashing – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Should one use hot or cold water? What if I don’t have access to water? Review some frequently asked questions about handwashing.

Coronavirus Song [Translated] – Vietnamese National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health

As featured recently on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Also, check out Twitter's #GhenCoVyChallenge to see the TikTok dance challenge accompanying this song. Be warned! While you cannot get coronavirus from watching these videos — you might not be able to get the tune out of your head.

The Best of the Internet:

Symptoms and Prevention of COVID-19 – Pennsylvania Department of Health

To make sure you are being thorough, you may have heard of singing Happy Birthday twice when washing your hands. At, you can develop your own step-by-step instructions sheet substituting the lyrics of your favorite song.

Coronavirus Prevention – Round Rock, Texas Public Service Announcement

Coronavirus Prevention – City of Farmington

A local version of the meme above. This one hits below the belt.