Graduate Nurse Residency Faculty Reference Request Form

Complete the Form Below to Start the Process of Providing Your Faculty References to the St. Cloud Hospital Graduate Nurse Residency Program.

You must have three references returned to us as part of the application process. But you only need to enter one reference and his or her e-mail address to complete the form below. Two references must be from nursing faculty. One reference must be from an employment supervisor.

For each reference, you must enter one's name, indicate whether he or she is nursing faculty or an employment supervisor and provide his or her e-mail address.

After submitting, each reference will receive an e-mail with instructions so he or she can provide the additional information needed for your application.

If you have questions about if your reference has submitted your information to our program, please contact your reference.

For general questions or inquiries about our program, please contact Lora Gullette at