Monticello Priority

The Monticello Cancer Center offers a supportive environment to deliver comprehensive medical and radiation oncology care to patients in the surrounding area. Gifts to the Cancer Center help to provide access to resources that enhance quality of life for wellness of mind, body and spirit for every patient and their family.

Some examples of how past gifts to the Cancer Center were used include a kinetic art table, decorative ceiling tiles, new artwork for the walls and Bounce Back Project resiliency support for staff.

Impact of 2022 Employee Campaign Fundraising Priority (Reach Out & Read)

Dorothy Tschida, Medical Records Assistant, CentraCare – Monticello

Why I Give ...

Dorothy Tschida

I give to the Employee Campaign because I have been on the receiving end of someone giving their money, time or talent, and I believe it’s important to give back.

I believe the Employee Campaign is an easy, effective way to make a difference and dedicate where you want your contribution to go. I have never been in the financial position to donate a large sum of money to a cause, but I know the value of each donation, and together, a lot of small donations will have an impact.