Paynesville Priority

Participants Who Won PTO
In addition to the system-wide incentives, CentraCare – Paynesville employees were eligible for 24 hours of PTO donated by Tami Stanger when their gifts were received by the applicable deadlines.
— Monday, April 10: Four hours of PTO given to DuDonne Andrie and Ashley Beier
— Monday, April 24: Eight hours PTO to Leenay Doll at 30/60/90 giving level
— Monday, May 1: Eight hours of PTO given to Jessica Massmann at 30/60/90 giving level

Hospital Building Needs

CentraCare – Paynesville is embarking on an exciting journey that will improve the patient experience and flow of the hospital services.

This $28-million construction project will go into 2024 and will consist of several project phases, providing a fresh, modern hospital to better serve the community.

This project will include a:

  • Main entrance with covered entry canopy
  • Spacious lobby with a private family waiting room
  • Private in-patient, emergency department and universal care platform wing
  • Re-located helipad to continue LifeLink transfers

Mortenson will act as the general contractor with HGA selected as the architectural firm. Both companies have partnered with CentraCare in other rural health locations to build state-of-the-art facilities that provide an outstanding patient experience.

This investment demonstrates CentraCare’s commitment to quality and patient experience.

Todd Lemke, Pharmacist, CentraCare – Paynesville and Melrose

Why I Give ...

Todd Lemke

I give to the Employee Campaign because I see the impact of my giving every day in my work life. I know if each of us didn’t play a part that couldn’t happen.

We all recognize that medications can be expensive, but necessary. That often puts people who need medication but cannot afford it in a bind. Thanks to employee and community giving, our pharmacy can provide necessary medication to those patients in need until other programs can help them. These funds have kept people out of the emergency room or hospital and may have even saved lives thanks to employee campaign gifts.

Patient confidentiality doesn’t allow me to share all the stories about when we have used donated dollars to pay for a medication for someone who had to decide between spending limited funds on medication or their food and rent. These individuals are always so grateful. I want employees to know how their gifts to the Employee Campaign are helping those in need.

The Employee Campaign is a way employees can make a difference. A gift of any size when pooled together with other employees’ donations can make a big impact. Whether it is funding the pediatric therapy space in Melrose or the Read Out & Read program, we are making life better for the community that supports us.

I give to the campaign because I am part of a community. It’s easy to have a job, take the paycheck home and not give anything in return. I recognize that it is the community that comes to our clinics, hospitals and uses our services. It is the community that really pays my paycheck and makes sure I have a job to support my family. It makes sense for me to support that community.