Why We Give — Donor Profiles

Our employees give to the CentraCare Employee Campaign for many reasons. See why employees support these programs.

We have highlighted a few employees who share with us why they give.

John Schnettler, Director of Marketing, Chair, 2023 Employee Campaign

Why I Give ...

John Schnettler

I have been happy to support the CentraCare Foundation Employee Campaign since its inception 25 years ago. Why? I see the difference philanthropy makes. Facilities like Clara’s House and the Gorecki Guest House would not exist without generous CentraCare employees and community donors.

This year’s Employee Campaign system-wide priority, Lighting the Path for Mental Health, is especially important to me for several reasons.

First, my father was a licensed clinical social worker. As director of the Central Minnesota Mental Health Center, he fought for 30 years to advance mental health care. He lobbied at the State Capitol for something as basic as including mental health coverage in health insurance plans in a day when there was no such coverage. He was an early crusader for better mental health care.

Second, I have experienced mental health challenges in my own family. I know how difficult mental health conditions can be and how prevalent they are. Access to quality mental health care is vitally important.

Finally, my wife and I have dear friends who appear in our Lighting the Path Employee Campaign video. The Scott and Reyne Roeder family were neighbors. Our kids played together, we vacationed together, we enjoyed great times together. But we lost our friend, Jackson Roeder, at the age of 25, to mental health conditions. Scott and Reyne have become activists for suicide prevention, and we have joined them in this cause.

We all know that advancing mental health care remains a great need in our society today. Insurance companies still don’t pay for mental health conditions like they pay for physical health conditions. And that’s where philanthropy makes a difference. Our Lighting the Path campaign will help us launch early childhood mental health care at Clara’s House, we will expand our suicide prevention efforts, and we will enhance our St. Cloud Hospital EmPATH Unit.

We work in health care because we all want to help people in their times of need. Please support our Lighting the Path Campaign for Mental Health, or give to your local CentraCare cause, or give to whatever cause moves you. Know that your gift makes a difference. Please join me in supporting our 2023 CentraCare Foundation Employee Campaign. Thank you.

John's Appeal to Leaders at the March 15th O&I Meeting

Kim Asmus, Epic HIM Educator, CentraCare – St. Cloud Hospital

Why I Give ...

Kim Asmus

I give to the Employee Campaign because it is my chance to give back to the community and to say thank you to CentraCare, especially with the challenges we have faced these past couple of years and the challenges yet to come.

I was especially happy to donate to the Coborn Healing Center and was amazed when I took a tour and saw all the great things that were offered to cancer patients to help ease their pain and suffering on their road to recovery.

I also am grateful for the care I have received in the past with some of my health issues and the advanced equipment and technology that is available to make procedures less invasive and the healing occur much quicker. Thanks to employee and community giving, CentraCare can buy equipment and technology to improve patient care.

We all have loved ones who will need some form of health care. By donating to the Employee Campaign, we are making sure they are receiving the best care.

I have donated for many years and have been impressed by how these donations have changed and touched the lives of so many for the greater good.

Bobbie BertramBobbie Bertram, MBA, APRN, CNP, APP Practice Director, Certified Nurse Practitioner – Trauma Services, CentraCare – St. Cloud Hospital

Why I Give ...

Donating to the Employee Campaign allows me to give back to my community by supporting programs that improve the health and well-being of those we serve.

Every year, I allocate my donation to the Child Advocacy Center (CAC). For years, I have tried to find opportunities to be more active in supporting kids who experience trauma. CentraCare’s Employee Campaign has given me an opportunity to support a program that brings together a multidisciplinary team to serve kids and their families during their most vulnerable moments. The services are free to families through the support of financial contributions. I can make a difference.

Honestly, this cause is near and dear to my heart. The public stories and professional experiences of encountering children who have been the victims of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse has impacted me on such a deep level. At times, I have felt helpless. The opportunity to support the CAC through the Employee Campaign provides me an actionable step in supporting a program that makes a positive impact in the lives of these children.

I would tell other employees to find your passion and make a difference through your financial support. The Employee Campaign allows you to select causes that call you to action.

Marcia Ericson, MA, CPCC – Facilitator, Organizational Development, CentraCare – St. Cloud

Why I Give ...

Marcia Ericson

I give to the Employee Campaign because it connects to my belief and purpose. The belief that I can do something to make a positive difference, and the purpose that I am here to do just that. Giving to the Employee Campaign is a way for me to live out my belief and purpose, to demonstrate my support of CentraCare, and to contribute to the health and well-being of the community.

A quote by Edward Everett Hale sums it up for me: “I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything; but still, I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”

Eric and Paula Gohman, CentraCare – Long Prairie

Why We Give ...

Eric and Paula Gohman

We donate to the Employee Campaign because we care about the health and well-being of our family, friends, and community — and we believe CentraCare does as well.

The Employee Campaign is our chance to give back and live the mission that drew us into health care. Every day, we see the positive impact of employee giving on our patients and their families. For example, the clinic was able to purchase additional vital sign machines thanks to employee giving. Staff use these machines every day, and they save valuable time and steps. The extra vital sign machines also have helped to increase our patient hypertension and vascular care quality scores due to their availability and accuracy. This means our patients are getting the thorough care they deserve more often and more efficiently.

CentraCare has been a great employer and has blessed us with opportunities and a platform to help our community with their health and wellbeing needs. The Employee Campaign is a meaningful way for us to give back to CentraCare, our co-workers and our patients in a way that “just makes us feel good.”

Becky Hillesheim, RN BSN, Clinic Nurse Supervisor, CentraCare – Redwood Falls

Why I Give ...

Rebecca Hillesheim

I give to the Employee Campaign because it is my chance to give back to the community and support CentraCare. Thanks to employee giving at CentraCare – Redwood, more than 800 age-appropriate books were given out at well-child visits through the Reach Out & Read Program in 2022. This program enables our patients’ families to make reading aloud together a daily activity. Our providers encourage reading at a young age and support the program’s continuation. I love being able to pick out the books for our kids and feel fortunate to witness the excitement of the parents and kids who receive the books. Thank you to all who supported this wonderful program in our 2022 Employee Campaign.

Sherri Klaers, Education Specialist, CentraCare – Rice Memorial Hospital

Why I Give ...

Sherri Klaers

In my years of giving, I have seen my gifts support many important things including the purchase of Lucas® Chest Compression System devices for all Willmar ambulances, lighted pediatric intubation equipment for Rice Hospital, the Willmar Care Center construction and remodel, the Tele Stroke program in the Emergency Room, the Rehab Center building and Willmar Cancer Center programs.

I love that I can help in a small way to improve health care and services for my community, my friends and family. It feels like an extension of my job as I provide support to my co-workers with education that is required to do their jobs.

I hope you will join me in giving to the CentraCare Foundation.

Todd Lemke, Pharmacist, CentraCare – Paynesville and Melrose

Why I Give ...

Todd Lemke

I give to the Employee Campaign because I see the impact of my giving every day in my work life. I know if each of us didn’t play a part that couldn’t happen.

We all recognize that medications can be expensive, but necessary. That often puts people who need medication but cannot afford it in a bind. Thanks to employee and community giving, our pharmacy can provide necessary medication to those patients in need until other programs can help them. These funds have kept people out of the emergency room or hospital and may have even saved lives thanks to employee campaign gifts.

Patient confidentiality doesn’t allow me to share all the stories about when we have used donated dollars to pay for a medication for someone who had to decide between spending limited funds on medication or their food and rent. These individuals are always so grateful. I want employees to know how their gifts to the Employee Campaign are helping those in need.

The Employee Campaign is a way employees can make a difference. A gift of any size when pooled together with other employees’ donations can make a big impact. Whether it is funding the pediatric therapy space in Melrose or the Read Out & Read program, we are making life better for the community that supports us.

I give to the campaign because I am part of a community. It’s easy to have a job, take the paycheck home and not give anything in return. I recognize that it is the community that comes to our clinics, hospitals and uses our services. It is the community that really pays my paycheck and makes sure I have a job to support my family. It makes sense for me to support that community.

Dorothy Tschida, Medical Records Assistant, CentraCare – Monticello

Why I Give ...

Dorothy Tschida

I give to the Employee Campaign because I have been on the receiving end of someone giving their money, time or talent, and I believe it’s important to give back.

I believe the Employee Campaign is an easy, effective way to make a difference and dedicate where you want your contribution to go. I have never been in the financial position to donate a large sum of money to a cause, but I know the value of each donation, and together, a lot of small donations will have an impact.