Reach Out & Read Program

Transform the life of a child by giving the gift of reading.

Through the Reach Out & Read program, our Family Medicine and Pediatric clinic sites give children between the ages of six months and 5 years old a new, age-appropriate book at every well-child visit. These books enable our patients’ families to make reading aloud together a daily activity.

This national program promotes relationships and literacy. Research shows that reading regularly stimulates optional brain development and strengthens parent-child relationships.

Your gift in support of our Reach Out & Read program will make a big impact for our youngest patients and help us continue to purchase new books for the 18,000+ children seen in our Family Medicine and Pediatric clinic sites each year.

If you would like to support Karlie’s Fund for Reach Out & Read and provide books for CentraCare Plaza Clinic Pediatrics, donate here.

If you wish to purchase books for our CentraCare Family Medicine sites, donate here.

“In my time working in pediatrics across multiple organizations, I have witnessed the impact and importance an integrated reading program in clinics can have for young children and their families. The Reach Out & Read Program provides our clinics expanded resources to benefit our youngest patient’s whole health by supporting reading and providing an opportunity for family bonding. Gifts from the community help to ensure an adequate and equitable book supply for pediatric patients and families regardless of where they seek care within CentraCare.” ~ Kevin Blake, Senior Director of Pediatrics, CentraCare

“A toddler was crying and upset about needing shots. The toddler and sibling really lit up when the provider brought a book into the exam room. The book acted as a distraction when mother read it and the shots went a lot easier.” ~ CentraCare team member