Farmers Harvest Their Gratitude by the Bushel

As long-time farmers, Tim and Marilyn Beyer of Holloway recognize that a bountiful harvest is a blessing and has great value — as does their health.

Marilyn and Tim Beyer
Marilyn and Tim Beyer

This past year, Tim and Marilyn Beyer both suffered from COVID-19 yet had two very different experiences. Tim started experiencing symptoms on Thanksgiving Day 2020 and had mild symptoms overall and a fairly quick recovery.

On the other hand, Marilyn’s symptoms started two days after Tim’s and continued to worsen. After several days of a high temperature, increased shortness of breath and coughing, Tim drove her to the Emergency Room in Morris on Dec. 8. There, she was diagnosed with COVID pneumonia, intubated and transferred to St. Cloud Hospital where she was placed in isolation in the Intensive Care Unit.

“Because she was in isolation and sedated, I called her nurse two times a day,” said Tim. “I really appreciated these updates and the amazing care she received throughout her hospitalization.”

On Jan. 1, she was moved to the Medical Progressive floor for a week and then was transferred to the Stevens Community Hospital in Morris. There, she received intense Occupational and Physical Therapy to re-learn the many daily living activities, including walking, that she had lost during her month-long hospitalization. She was discharged home on Jan. 29 and continues with physical therapy to recover from the significant neuropathy in her right foot.

To show their appreciation for the care received, the Beyers made a donation through CentraCare Foundation’s Farm & Harvest Program. They brought 650 bushels of corn to their local elevator and then donated the sale proceeds to CentraCare Foundation.

“I’m feeling much better now thanks to the wonderful care I received,” added Marilyn. “Sharing part of our harvest is how we wish to show our gratitude.”

To learn more about CentraCare Foundation’s Farm & Harvest Program, contact CentraCare Foundation at 320-240-2810.