Foundation Offers Free Expert Help with Estate Planning

Doris and Dani
Doris and Dani Westra

For most people, the idea of establishing a will or mapping out an estate plan is not on the top of the “to-do” list. It’s easy to put off and may not even be something people want to think about. But for Dani and Doris Westra, they knew it was something they needed to do.

“We have watched too many friends and families have to deal with estates for those who didn’t have things in order,” said Doris. “You really owe it to those you leave behind to have everything in place.”

As part of the Westra’s estate planning process, they took advantage of a complimentary estate plan review offered by the CentraCare Foundation through a partnership with Thompson & Associates. The goal is to help people understand their options, review current plans and ultimately determine a tax-wise course of action for their estate plan. Through this partnership, people receive personalized and confidential expertise from an unbiased third party. There is no obligation to give anything to charity and the planning representative does not sell products or draft documents.

The Westra’s found the review helpful because they were able to better understand the overall process and consider options that fit their needs and wishes.

“We appreciated the idea of sitting down, asking lots of questions and taking our time to make sure everything was as we wanted it,” said Doris.

Best of all, the review gave the Westra’s peace of mind in knowing their plan was updated and they no longer had to think about it. In the end, the Westra’s chose to include the CentraCare Foundation in their estate plan as a way to give back and ultimately support the health of the community.

If you have questions about making a planned gift or would like more information, contact CentraCare Foundation at 320-240-2810 or