Real Estate Donation Proves to be a Win-Win

Diane Wojtanowicz

When John Wojtanowicz acquired a 40-acre property north of Itasca State Park as a young man, it became his hunting getaway. He and his brother built a cabin on the heavily wooded property with a creek running through it. There was no cell service and the solar-powered cabin was completely off the grid. It was remote, quiet and over the years became the setting for many great family memories.

But when John passed away in 2009, the land and cabin were no longer used by the Wojtanowicz family. So instead of holding on to the property, John’s wife, Diane, decided to donate it to the CentraCare Foundation as a way to honor John’s legacy and pay it forward.

“We’ve always believed that good health care is important for everyone in our community,” said Diane Wojtanowicz, who owns and operates Prairie Farm Company, Inc. “John was active with the CentraCare Foundation years ago, so it felt like the right thing to do.”

This prime hunting land sold quickly and the proceeds went to the CentraCare Foundation. The donation provided tax benefits for Diane and the funds now support the mission of the Foundation, which she and her family strongly believe in.

“It was an easy process and a win-win,” said Diane.

To learn more about donating real estate or personal property, please contact CentraCare Foundation at 320-240-2810 or