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Brief Description

Our Mission Statement: CentraCare Health Foundation engages the philanthropic community in partnership to improve health and health care in Central Minnesota.

The Foundation will fund organizational or institutional proposals that support the objectives below and lead to improvement in the health of Central Minnesota.

Guiding Principles

Enhances our community

Supports or creates innovative solutions

Capitalizes on emerging opportunities that:

  • Demonstrate impact: visibility of project is not as important as the impact to the recipients
  • Exhibit potential for sustainability or worthiness of the risk
  • Assures equality (as far as possible) and creates health equity within our community

What We Fund:

  • Health education programs
  • Research to improve health
  • Programs that improve health and safety

What We Don't Fund:

  1. Building, fundraising or capital campaigns
  2. Sponsorships of fundraising events
  3. Programs currently receiving CentraCare Health Foundation funding are ineligible to apply. Programs are allowed only one active grant at a time until a final report is received and approved by the Board of Directors.
  4. Projects lasting longer than 12 months.
  5. As a general rule, the Foundation will not provide funding for maintenance, ongoing operational support or general administrative expenses for existing programs.

Eligible organizations: 501(c) 3 nonprofit organizations, schools or government entities. Other entities with a fiscal host as a 501(c) 3 status are also eligible.

Geographic Area: Grants must serve the residents within the counties of Benton, Crow Wing, Douglas, Kandiyohi, Meeker, Mille Lacs, Morrison, Pope, Sherburne, Stearns, Todd, Wadena or Wright.

Funding Amount: Up to $50,000

Favorable Considerations:

  • Proposals that address health and safety issues through partnerships with multiple individuals and organizations including CentraCare Health are encouraged.
  • Applications that address an innovative concept or initiative related to health care, health education, research, access to health care or improvement of health are preferred.
  • Preference may be given to organizations or programs that specifically address an underserved or diverse population.

CentraCare Health Foundation only accepts electronic grant submissions. This is a two-step process, beginning with a letter of inquiry. Please login to set up an account. If you already have an account, you may login.

Grantmaking Schedule
Grants Cycle FallWinterSpring
Submit letters of inquiry June 18 -
July 13, 2018
Oct. 1 -
Nov. 2, 2018
Feb. 2 -
March 4, 2019
Foundation invites or
declines full proposal
July 27, 2018 Nov. 21, 2018 March 18, 2019
Full proposal due Aug. 24, 2018 Dec. 17, 2018 April 12, 2019
Funding decision made Oct. 8, 2018 Feb. 13, 2019 June 10, 2019

General Grant Application Guidelines

The Foundation Board of Directors, in evaluating grant applications, will be guided by the following general principles:

  1. Applicants must be eligible not-for-profit agencies.
  2. Proposals must be consistent with the Mission Statement of CentraCare Health Foundation.
  3. Grants will be made to projects that have primary impact in the following Central Minnesota counties: Benton, Crow Wing, Douglas, Kandiyohi, Meeker, Mille Lacs, Morrison, Pope, Sherburne, Stearns, Todd, Wadena and Wright.
  4. The Foundation is reluctant to provide funding for: ongoing operational support or general administrative expenses for existing programs. Proposals that address health issues through partnerships with multiple individuals and organizations are encouraged. Organizations are allowed one active grant at a time. Interim and Final reports must be in and approved prior to submitting a letter of inquiry for a new project.
  5. All decisions regarding funding will be made without regard to race, color, creed, sex, handicap, religion or national origin of the grant seeker, and without regard to an applicant’s relationship with CentraCare Health or its subsidiaries.

Grant Application Process

Create an account and submit an LOI (pre-application) online using the CentraCare Health Foundation’s grant management system.

  1. Approved LOIs will be notified of their invitation to submit a full proposal according to the grantmaking schedule provided on the Foundation’s website.
  2. The Grants Advisory Committee will recommend full proposals for funding to the Board of Directors.
  3. The Board of Directors will make final funding decisions per the grantmaking schedule provided on the Foundation’s website.
  4. Upon Board approval of an application, a grant agreement will be emailed to the recipient organization for review and signature(s).
  5. Progress reports are required on a semi-annual basis, with a final report due at the conclusion of the project. The Grants Committee reserves the right to withhold 10% on grants of $10,000 or more until all interim and final reports are submitted and approved by the Grants Committee.
  6. In the event a grant agreement is not signed and the applicant makes no request for the deferral of the project in the succeeding 12 months in which no funds were awarded, the applicant must resubmit a new proposal for consideration.

Grants Awarded

Grants approved by the Foundation Executive Committee in Spring 2018.

Submitting Agency: Helping Hands Outreach for Elders
Project Name: Senior Adult Transportation
Project Summary: Helping Hands transportation services provide access to health care and allow senior adults in rural Stearns County to maintain healthy lifestyles. The need for transportation for rural senior adults to area health care facilities is increasing. In addition to medical appointments, requests also are for shopping, social activities and family visitations. Many adult day center clients also need transportation to the center. The grant will be used to; increase the volunteer base; starting an on-call transportation service and providing education and incentives to encourage Tri-Cap bus ridership.

Submitting Agency: Lupus Link
Project Name: Living with Lupus Educational Programs
Project Summary: The “Living with Lupus” series will address the breadth of challenges related to diagnosis, treatment and management of the disease. It will help Central Minnesota residents — those with the disease, individuals in their network, and others in the community — to recognize and mitigate the disease’s effects. By conducting these educational programs, we can help ensure that those with lupus can continue to enjoy family life and be contributing members of the community.

Submitting Agency: Open your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless
Project Name: Ride Share Demonstration Project
Project Summary: Open Your Heart has developed an innovative 12-month demonstration project to determine if a RideShare model can improve homeless/at risk populations in accessing kinds of care and support to improve their lives. Project participants will include up to nine non-profit agencies providing emergency and self-sufficiency services to people who are homeless or at high risk within Mankato, Moorhead, Rochester and St. Cloud. As the majority of the homeless lack smart phones and bank accounts, each agency will administer Open Your Heart funded accounts to be used specifically for access to RideShare for clients who are fleeing domestic violence, who are currently homeless or who are at imminent risk of becoming homeless due to lack of transportation options. Client transportation will be used to access emergency services and/or services designed to enhance self-sufficiency through health care, employment, education, or other relevant services.

Submitting Agency: CentraCare Health
Project Name: CANDOR: Communication and Optimal Resolution
Project Summary: At CentraCare and at all major health care systems, the current response to patient safety events, which are categorized as such when harm is done to the patient, is a “deny and defend” strategy. Providers feel regret, remorse and responsibility when a patient is inadvertently hurt. Currently, there is no mechanism in place to support staff as they work through these emotions. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has recently published a suite of interventions known as CANDOR: Communication and Optimal Resolution. CANDOR is a toolkit that redesigns current traditional responses to patient safety events. This agency is a national authority on patient safety, and this radical change in approach requires a commitment both from a staffing and fiscal perspective.

Submitting Agency: CentraCare Health
Project Name: CHW: Community Health Worker – A Bridge to Community
Project Summary: Community Health Workers (CHWs) are trusted, frontline health professionals who apply their training and unique understanding of the experience, language and culture of the populations they serve. The CHW will improve coordination of healthcare services between providers and patients due to a common misconception among Muslims, particularly Somali Muslims, that standards of care go against the teachings of their religion. The CHW will encourage patient participation and engagement in health care plans while assuring no disruption is done to spiritual beliefs. This Community Health Worker will also provide educational opportunities within the Muslim community, serving as a liaison for CentraCare at events and in the civic space.

Submitting Agency: Talahi Community School   
Project Name: Aquaponic System at Talahi
Project Summary: This program will help address area health disparities through a multi-year health, wellness, and STEM education program based out of Talahi Elementary School. Talahi Elementary students will be empowered to design and build their own projects following a three-phase education model. In the first phase of the program, “Build It”, students will build mini aquaponic systems and an outdoor garden and in year two, youth will build a central large-scale aquaponics system. In Phase 2, “Grow It,” program youth make use of the very sustainable food systems they have helped design and build. Finally, Phase 3, “Connect It,” will help youth forge a link between these efforts and real-world health outcomes. Students can share their produce and the knowledge they have learned with parents and the broader community.

Submitting Agency: True Friends
Project Name: True Friends Health Services Support
Project Summary: True Friends was created when Camp Courage and Camp Friendship/Friendship Ventures merged in 2012. True Friends serves children, teens and adults with a variety of disabilities such as autism, Down syndrome, attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD), neuromuscular disorders, spina bifida, spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries as well as communication difficulties and sensory disorders. Primary programs include summer day and resident camps, winter camp, year-round weekend respite camps, therapeutic riding and hippotherapy sessions and a companion travel program. In addition to benefiting participants, programs give parents a crucial break to rest, relax, focus on other relationships and work to stabilize any imbalance caused by their child’s special needs. This request is for support for health services programming including hospital beds, mechanical patient lifts and maintenance of current lifts.

Medical Mission Grants

The St. Cloud Medical Foundation Fund was set up through physicians practicing in St. Cloud to be used for projects coordinated by St. Cloud Physicians that have community benefit and/or to provide modest support for local individuals to perform medical mission work around the world.

An amount is allotted each September through the CentraCare Health Foundation Grants committee to use toward medical mission trips. Send the completed application to the CentraCare Health Foundation, 1406 Sixth Avenue N, Saint Cloud, MN 56303, by Aug. 1 in order to be reviewed. Notice of acceptance will be sent by the end of October.

The Houle Medical Mission Scholarship funded by Nicholas and Terese Houle support groups who can help meet the health care needs of people in developing countries including Honduras. Send the completed application to the CentraCare Health Foundation, 1406 Sixth Avenue N, St. Cloud, MN 56303, by Sept. 15 in order to be reviewed.

Spirit of Caring Award

The Spirit of Caring Award is a community service award that recognizes collaborative efforts to improve people’s health through education, intervention or service. The award carries a $5,000 grant.

CentraCare Health Foundation recognizes the power of individuals working together to address health-related issues. Each year, we honor an individual or group for that sort of collaboration by honoring them with the Spirit of Caring award.

Nominate a project or program by June 30 for the Spirit of Caring Award.

Contact the Foundation

Feel free to email or call 800-835-6652, ext. 52810. Get Directions.

Mailing address:

CentraCare Health Foundation
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Office address:

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