CentraCare - Plaza Woodlands Infusion Center

About This Location

We are excited to announce that the Infusion Center is expanding to provide better access to infusion therapy services at the CentraCare Health Plaza.

The Woodlands Infusion Center is open and is located in the lower level of the Plaza. The expansion will provide ten treatment chairs in private and semi-private rooms.

If you are scheduled in the Woodlands Infusion Center:

  • You will enter in the Woodlands Entrance of the CentraCare Health Plaza.
  • Take the elevator to the lower level and follow the signage to the Infusion Center.
  • You may register for your appointment on one of the automated kiosks in the Woodlands entrance or in the Woodlands Infusion Center itself.

The Woodlands Infusion Center will increase appointment availability for infusion therapy, making scheduling more flexible, with more options for your preferred dates and times. We hope you enjoy this option for your treatment, and we welcome any feedback you have.

The Woodlands Infusion Center will offer refreshments such as coffee, tea, crackers and toast. You may bring your own refreshments as well. The rooms do not have televisions, but there is guest internet service available if you would like to connect to your personal device.

We are excited to offer this service and look forward to seeing you in our new location. Thank you for choosing CentraCare!

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