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CentraCare - Recovery Plus offers chemical dependency services for treatment, relapse prevention and dual-diagnosis for people of all ages.

If an addiction affects you or someone you love, contact CentraCare - Recovery Plus to find the treatment you need. We strive to ensure our clients’ recovery, plus show them the benefits of a chemical-free lifestyle. CentraCare - St. Cloud Hospital Behavioral Health has provided specialized inpatient, partial hospitalization and outpatient services since 1977.

Find out more about adolescent treatment programs at CentraCare - Recovery Plus.

Senior Treatment Options

Chemical and mental health problems of older adults often go unnoticed because of isolation and loneliness. As a result, the older adult suffers in silence. Recovery Plus recognizes the unique challenges of the older adult and has programs specialized to these needs. In addition to a personalized evaluation and assessment, programs include primary treatment, continuing care, volunteer help, intervention and family counseling.

Dual Diagnosis Program

This specialized program teaches clients how addiction issues affect mental illness. This program is available to residential and full-day outpatient clients. Various therapists specialize in DBT, chronic pain management, ADD/ADHD, co-dependency, eating disorders and dual disorders.

Addiction Medicine Clinic

The Addiction Medicine Clinic, located at CentraCare - Recovery Plus, provides an array of services to adult and adolescent clients in treatment programming. Services available include:

  • Primary care such as History & Physicals, lab testing, and minor health conditions
  • Tobacco Cessation - Nicotine replacement support and medications
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT): naltrexone, Vivitrol, Antabuse
  • Psychiatry Consults and medication management while in treatment services

Relapse Prevention Program

Relapse is defined as the process of becoming dysfunctional in recovery. Some examples of dysfunctional behavior include developing a negative attitude, returning to a state of denial and reverting to old behaviors. Returning to old addictive chemical use is usually the final stage of this process. Relapse can be stopped at any stage, provided the right help is available. This program is specifically designed for those individuals who need a specific program addressing self-defeating behaviors and relapse triggers. Additional programming is available for those recovering from meth, cocaine and other stimulants.

Take a Photo Tour

Recovery Plus, at 713 Anderson Avenue, is located directly across from the St. Cloud VA Hospital. Ample parking is available for clients and their families.

  • The front door and reception area feature artwork and murals with nautical theme of “True North.”
  • Nautical-themed mural
  • The oversized mural implies the hope of a new drug-free life, moving forward full sail toward a better future.
  • Our expanded infirmary, staffed by a physician, allows clients to identify, address and review any medical issues during their treatment experience.
  • Infirmary room
  • True North is the name of the sanctuary for quiet, healing reflection provided as an oasis during stressful times.
  • Relax and unwind on our outdoor courtyard area. It is available for clients on break from daily programming to enjoy friends and fellowship. No smoking is allowed.
  • The Set Sail Art Gallery displays the creativity of former clients and alumni through paintings, sculptures, poetry and handiwork throughout their recovery. The theme of the ship in full sail with the word HOPE implies recovery is an ongoing journey.
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