Kari Dembouski

“My massage therapist worked with me to find the tense muscles in my neck and shoulders and then created a plan that included monthly massage visits and gym exercises.”

CentraCare to the rescue with therapeutic massage

After a ski accident left Kari Dembouski with a hurting neck and shoulder, she turned to CentraCare massage for relief. After previously using CentraCare’s weight management services and losing 102 pounds, the 46-year-old felt optimistic when CentraCare suggested therapeutic massage.

Having had spa massages prior, Kari was interested to see how therapeutic massage would differ. The biggest difference was the presence of a treatment plan. Kari explained that her massage therapist worked with her to find the tense muscles in her neck and shoulders and then created a plan that included monthly massage visits and gym exercises. These exercises strengthened the muscles around her problem areas.

As far as cost and ambiance, such as mood lighting, soft music and relaxing environment, these aspects were all similar to spa massage.

After only one visit, Kari felt her muscles loosening and the pressure in her problem areas subsiding. Although her muscles were tender after the massage, her massage therapist noted this was normal and usually feels better within 2-4 days.

“Kari’s experience is a good example of what you can expect from a therapeutic massage. It is extremely targeted to the problem areas that often prevent us from reaching the goals we set for ourselves. Massage, in any form, is a great benefit for our health, but therapeutic massage can be the difference between just getting by and truly living in a state of wellbeing,” said Theresa Lalim, CM.

After her neck and shoulder pain subsided, Kari continued the therapeutic massages once a month. She says these massages give her something to look forward to and keep her on track if she starts to develop pain in any other muscles or problem areas. Had it not been for the therapeutic massage recommendation, Kari wouldn’t be able to do what she loves, tending to her large garden near her home in Pierz.