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Conference Handouts and Materials

Handouts are available in PDF for the these upcoming conferences:

Church Safety & Security - An Increasing Need for Faith Communities
June 5, 2018

Program Flier


Church Safety & Security
Rachel Mockros, MBA

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing - A Framework for Support
Debra Stueve, MBA, BSN, RN NE-BC

Conference Materials:

Action Planning Tool Template (PDF)

Emergency Procedure Template (PDF)

Hazard & Vulnerability Analysis Template (PDF)

Hazard & Vulnerability Assessment Tool (Excel)

From Previous Conferences

Marching Across the Care Continuum
May 29, 2018

Program Flier

Care of the Complex Respiratory Patient Across the Continuum
Peggy Lange, BA, RT

Community Paramedic Program
Carmen Carlson, NRP, CMPA

Care Coordination Across the Continnum
Amy Hilleren-Listerud, DNP, APRN, ACNS-BC

Bariatric Patients: An Overview of Care
Nova Schmitz, BSN, RN, CMSRN, CBN

Early Mobility to Reduce Length of Stay
Sarah Dingmann, RN, MSN
Lacy Hemmesch, RN, BSN, CMSRN

Multidisciplinary Teams: Meeting the Triple Aim
Joy Plamann, DNP, MBA, RN, BC
Mark Matthias, MD, MBA

Innovative Approaches to the Management of Aggressive Behaviors in Health Care
May 15, 2018

Program Brochure

A Rural Primary Care Clinic's Successful Response to the Opioid Epidemic
Kurt Devine, MD
Heather Bell, MD

Aggression Prevention - It is Everybody's Job
Marcia Wahl, MA, BSN, RN-BC

Behavioral Access Consultants' Expanding Role at CentraCare & the Aggressive Community as We Address Aggressive Behavior and Mental Health Concerns in Healthcare
Kelly Wurdelman, DNP, RN

Helping Kids Help Themselves — Supporting Emotional Regulation With Children & Adolescents
Nancy Webster-Smith, MA
Jeri Mehr, MA, LP
Carole Yozamp, MS, LPCC

Do I Run, Hide or Fight? — A Simulated Training for Active Threats
Rachel Mockros, MBA
James Gulbranson, BS
Handout: Active Threat Training Guide

Minnesota Law Enforcement & Healthcare Collaboration
Rachel Jokela
CMDR James Steve
Jeffrey Ho, MD, FACEP, FAAEM