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Work from Home (Telecommuting) Resources

First Steps

  • Prior to working at home, you must fill out the appropriate paperwork and be assigned the proper permissions through Information Systems. See your manager for details.
  • Work from home requires that you have Two-Step Verification set up. Instructions for setting up two-step verification
  • CentraCare will allow employees to take home select equipment. Before taking any equipment home, please work with your manager to fill out the appropriate documentation.
  • Our success relies on your assistance pertaining to internet usage. When using CentraCare devices and connections, please limit your internet use to business and clinical purposes only. The elevated levels of internet use are straining the current capacity of CentraCare’s service provider connectivity and impacting both business needs and clinical care. Thank you for your understanding.

Work from home using your own computer and phone

Work from home using a CentraCare-issued computer and personal phone

Additional Resources