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LASIK Surgery Procedures

Achieve Better Eyesight Without Glasses or Contacts

If you are tired of wearing glasses or contacts, consider LASIK surgery.

LASIK, or laser vision correction, is a type of refractive surgery to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, allowing better eyesight without glasses.

Review the LASIK surgery choices below before your appointment so you can discuss your questions with your eye surgeon.

Types of LASIK Procedures, Advantages and Costs

Learn more about the procedure options, advantages and costs.

Microkeratome LASIK

A thin layer of cornea is raised with a microkeratome, and the cornea is reshaped with the excimer laser under this flap.


  • Rapid improvement of vision
  • Excellent post-op comfort


  • Potential for flap-related problems
  • Flap weakens corneal structure
  • Potential for more post-op dry eye symptoms

Cost per eye

  • $1,695

All-Laser LASIK

Surgery Method

  • A thin layer of cornea is raised with a laser, and cornea is reshaped with the excimer laser under this flap


  • Potentially less complications during creation of flap than Microkeratome


  • Greater cost than Microkeratome LASIK

Cost per eye

  • $2,145

Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK)

Surgery Method

  • A thin layer of corneal skin tissue (epithelium) is removed, the corneal surface reshaped with a laser and the epithelium regenerates.


  • Safety because of no flap-related problems
  • May be used in patients with very thin corneas


  • More post-op discomfort than LASIK
  • Delayed recovery of vision compared to LASIK

Cost per eye

  • $1,695

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If you are over age 40 and need reading glasses or bifocals, these methods allow for one eye being near-sighted to enable reading with glasses. This is called “monovision.”

With today’s technology, laser vision correction can decrease dependence on or eliminate glasses altogether.

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