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Patient Comments

Cataract Surgery

“Ophthalmologist Shannon Cabrera, MD, was very careful and thorough. She did imaging of my eyes, lens and interior eye to rule out other issues.” - Brian H.

“Dr. Weisbrod explained all my options and broke things down, recognizing that it can be hard to follow along if the information is very complex. Most of all, he made me feel comfortable and at ease.” - Terri M.

“My eye surgeon absolutely came through with everything he said he was going to do. It didn’t hurt and I felt no pain. For the second eye, I didn’t mess around — I scheduled it for the following week.” - Peggy A.

“I now go out at night to see the moon and during the day I look up and see the sun — it’s like I’m newly born.” - Abel V.

Other Eye Care & Optical Shop

“When my girls and I had our eye exams last week, the appointments went perfectly, and the staff was friendly. A special shout out to the optical store staff. You don’t get service like this too often anymore! I prefer to look for glasses where someone helps me find the perfect pair that fits and looks great. Your staff provided this. I picked up my new glasses yesterday and the staff sent my daughter’s glasses directly to her school, which is a nice bonus since she doesn’t get home that often.” - Jenny F.

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