Stool Collection - Occult Blood

CAUTION: For accurate test results, read patient instructions completely before performing this test.

Specimen Collection Procedure

  1. Lift toilet seat and position provided sample collection paper across the rim of the toilet bowl. Secure adhesive tabs to the sides of the toilet rim. Lower the toilet seat.
  2. Make bowel movement into collection paper.
  3. Unscrew the purple cap from the sample collection tube. Do not pour out the liquid.
  4. Poke spiral applicator into the stool at six different sites. Use only enough fecal material to cover the tip of the applicator. Do not clump, scoop or fill the tube.
  5. Screw the applicator back into the tube and secure tightly.
  6. Insert sample collection tube into specimen pouch and seal. Insert specimen pouch into return envelope and seal.
  7. Return the sample packet immediately to the clinic or laboratory by mail or in person.

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