Sports Training

As you train in your sport, are you getting the results you want? Boost your performance with a consultation by our exercise physiologist who has a unique background in sports training and injury prevention. He will evaluate your workout through a medical lens, meaning a special focus on finding imbalances and then providing training to fix them. The training will emphasize speed and plyometrics, which is a high intensity workout, with quick and explosive moves, that uses maximum power to strengthen muscles.

After a visit with us, you should see results related to strength, flexibility, core work, speed and/or agility. Visits will vary depending on your sport, ability and goals.

Consider pairing your sports training visit with our video analysis services. These services allow us to break down simple or complex athletic movements and then retrain specific parts of the movement to lead to more efficient movement overall.

This specialized training is for athletes who want to:

  • See greater results
  • Improve timed events
  • Get back into condition after a surgery or therapy
  • Work on biomechanics

How Much Does It Cost?

Six one-hour visits are $300. For the most benefit, we recommend an athlete train with us two times a week, spacing visits out with at least one day off between visits.

How Is a Sports Performance Trainer Different Than a Personal Trainer?

Both personal trainers and sports performance trainers work to further your physical health and fitness. However, sports performance is:

  • For an individual or an entire team or group of athletes.
  • More specific and tailored to you and your sport goals. With sports performance training, you can expect a customized workout plan to improve your speed, strength, agility and stamina.
  • A system to help you return to sport after an injury. It serves as a bridge between physical therapy and getting back to your highest level of performance.

In summary, a personal trainer can help you reach your overall fitness goals, but a sports performance trainer will focus more on the sport you play, setting a personalized fitness plan to help with endurance, strength and other goals related to the sport.

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