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Video Analysis

Would you like to improve your running time, golf game or other sport of choice? Or, prevent an elderly loved one from falling? Are you dealing with leg, low back or hip pain with physical activity? Would you like to recover from an injury more quickly?

Advanced video analysis software allows you to identify any weaknesses or tendencies in how you move. Knowing this information will help you prevent or minimize injuries whether participating in a sport or in just day-to-day activities such as walking.

This powerful, scientific tool also can enhance athletic performance through its frame-by-frame breakdown of motion, measuring the degrees and angles of the knees, ankles and hips. It can reveal opportunities to generate more power, speed and distance.

The experienced exercise physiologist at CentraCare – Lifestyle Health will review his findings with you, offering suggestions for correct form, strength conditioning, maximum comfort, efficient motion and injury reduction.

What Conditions Can Video Analysis Help?

  • Walking form
  • Running/sprinting form
  • Running starts
  • Swimming starts
  • Golf swing
  • Volleyball serve/attack
  • Shot put form
  • Discus form
  • High jump form
  • Long jump form
  • Baseball/softball swing
  • Baseball/softball pitch
  • Baseball/softball throwing motion

Video analysis can improve performance, motion, efficiency and biomechanics for almost any activity or sport. Ask us if your sport isn’t on the list.

How Much Does Video Analysis Cost?

You receive two visits for $200.

At the first visit (one hour), you will perform the movement needing improvement while being recorded.

During the second visit (30 minutes):

  • You and your exercise physiologist will watch your video to review how your joint angles vary from ideal and how this relates to your performance or pain.
  • The exercise physiologist will recommend a treatment plan (exercises, stretches, etc.).
  • You will receive a printout of your results and treatment recommendations. This information can help you perform exercises at home or with a personal trainer.
  • Depending on the findings and your current exercise routine, we may suggest monitored exercise sessions with an exercise physiologist.

Call 320-534-3096 for an appointment or request an appointment online.

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