Mental Health – Recognizing Signs of Distress

Know When to Reach Out for Help and Where to Get It

For Young Adults

For Parents

Feel like your teen is struggling but don’t know how to help them? These free mental health online resources can provide you with tips on how to productively communicate with your teen about the importance of prioritizing their mental health, along with helpful tricks you can teach them to manage their stress and anxiety.

Navigating the Mental Health System

For help in navigating the mental health system, for support and resources, please contact the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) at 1-888-NAMI-Helps (888-626-4435) or Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health at 1-800-528-4511.

If you, your child or someone you love, exhibits warning signs related to suicide or tells you they have thoughts of suicide or self-harm, please call or text the 988 Suicide & Crisis Line for support and help in navigating your child’s immediate safety needs.

Click here to access other local Minnesota-based resources.