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Connections Rewired — Neurologic Successes at CentraCare

Many great outcomes have been achieved by patients receiving care at CentraCare Neurosciences, whether they’ve experienced stroke, spine pain, a brain tumor or other neurological disorder. Here are some of their inspiring stories.

Headache Success Stories

  • Sandy's Story

    “My first visit with Dr. Thronaum was really exciting because she gave me hope.”
    Sandy's Story

  • Kathy's Story
    “Now I have time to be bored because I don’t have a headache! I’m finally, in my senior years, getting to live.”
    Kathy's Story
  • Shelly's Story
    “I have been to numerous neurologists and Dr. Thronaum was the first neurologist who was willing to try different things. She has confidence these will work. She treats me like I'm a unique person, she also has a great sense of humor.”
    Shelly's Story

Stroke Success Stories

  • young woman

    After suffering a severe stroke, quick recognition and emergency treatment helped minimize disability and get Jennie back to life.
    Jennie's Story

  • elderly woman

    Nancy got help in time when she was having stroke because of a refrigerator magnet.
    Nancy's Story

  • middle aged woman
    LeAnn suffered a type of stroke that is more rare and devastating than a normal stroke.
    Leann's Story
  • middle aged man
    Jeff tells how his young daughters saved his life and his brain following a stroke.
    Jeff's Story
  • middle aged woman
    “I work in health care and even when they were telling me I had a stroke, I thought they were overreacting. I was young, active and had good cholesterol. Strokes were for old people.”
    Angela's Story

  • As a farmer by trade and avid fisherman, Jim McNally, from Winona, knows firsthand that timing is everything. This proved especially true while Jim was enjoying a weekend of fishing with friends near Alexandria in February 2014.
    Jim's Story
  • elderly woman and middle aged woman smiling
    Lou and Kylee’s bond is even stronger after Kylee saved her grandmother’s life following a stroke.
    Lou's Story
  • elderly woman

    Deloris is one of more than 40 people who have used telestroke services now available in rural Central Minnesota through CentraCare – Long Prairie.

    Deloris' Story
  • middle aged woman
    Days before, Kathryn had awakened with a blinding headache before suffering a stroke. Thanks to the quick action of her family, Kathryn recovered and is here to tell her story.
    Kathryn's Story

Brain and Spine Success Stories

  • Two weeks after surgery, Zach received the news that his tumor was cancerous. Zach is thankful he can receive his follow-up care close to home
    Zach's Story

  • “I knew the people who were caring for me — I wasn’t just a number,” said Red. “The care provided was first class. The pain in my leg was gone. I couldn’t imagine going anyplace else.”
    Red's Story
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