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Connections Rewired — Neurologic Successes at CentraCare

Many great outcomes have been achieved by patients receiving care at CentraCare Neurosciences, whether they’ve experienced stroke, spine pain, a brain tumor or other neurological disorder. Here are some of their inspiring stories.

Stroke Success Stories

  • young woman

    After suffering a severe stroke, quick recognition and emergency treatment helped minimize disability and get Jennie back to life.
    Jennie's Story

  • elderly woman

    Nancy got help in time when she was having stroke because of a refrigerator magnet.
    Nancy's Story

  • middle aged woman
    LeAnn suffered a type of stroke that is more rare and devastating than a normal stroke.
    Leann's Story
  • middle aged man
    Jeff tells how his young daughters saved his life and his brain following a stroke.
    Jeff's Story
  • middle aged woman
    “I work in health care and even when they were telling me I had a stroke, I thought they were overreacting. I was young, active and had good cholesterol. Strokes were for old people.”
    Angela's Story

  • As a farmer by trade and avid fisherman, Jim McNally, from Winona, knows firsthand that timing is everything. This proved especially true while Jim was enjoying a weekend of fishing with friends near Alexandria in February 2014.
    Jim's Story
  • elderly woman and middle aged woman smiling
    Lou and Kylee’s bond is even stronger after Kylee saved her grandmother’s life following a stroke.
    Lou's Story
  • elderly woman

    Deloris is one of more than 40 people who have used telestroke services now available in rural Central Minnesota through CentraCare – Long Prairie.

    Deloris' Story
  • middle aged woman
    Days before, Kathryn had awakened with a blinding headache before suffering a stroke. Thanks to the quick action of her family, Kathryn recovered and is here to tell her story.
    Kathryn's Story

Brain and Spine Success Stories

  • Two weeks after surgery, Zach received the news that his tumor was cancerous. Zach is thankful he can receive his follow-up care close to home
    Zach's Story

  • “I knew the people who were caring for me — I wasn’t just a number,” said Red. “The care provided was first class. The pain in my leg was gone. I couldn’t imagine going anyplace else.”
    Red's Story
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