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Quality Measures - St. Cloud Hospital Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit

The St. Cloud Hospital Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit has provided comprehensive rehabilitative care to Central Minnesota for nearly 40 years. Our goals are to help our patients lead a more independent life following an illness or injury and to provide patients and their families with support and education.

Patient Satisfaction

Beginning with our Catholic heritage more than 125 years ago, St. Cloud Hospital has a longstanding culture of compassionately serving our patients. We are proud of our compassionate care which is reflected in our patient satisfaction. Of the patients surveyed, 100% said they would recommend us to family and friends.

Staff Achievements

St. Cloud Hospital Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit is proud of our team, which includes experienced doctors, highly educated therapists, nationally certified nurses and committed staff.

The caring and dedicated staff of the St. Cloud Hospital Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit provides holistic care in a serene setting, with views of nature and a calming landscape. Patients and families benefit from a specialized occupational therapy gym and kitchen as well as a fully equipped therapy gym. Take a photo tour of the unit

Adult Outcomes

Reason for Admission

The chart below shows the reason for admission to the St. Cloud Hospital Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit. It also compares St. Cloud Hospital to other inpatient rehabilitation programs, both regionally and nationally.

Rehabilitation Outcomes Reason for Admission


Rehabilitation Outcomes Age

Average Length of Stay - All Patients

Our length of stay is less than the regional and national averages.

Rehabilitation Outcomes Length of Stay

Functional Independence

The FIMTM is a nationally recognized tool used by inpatient rehabilitation units to measure patients’ abilities to care for themselves. Areas measured include eating, grooming, bathing, toileting, communicating, getting around, and speaking and thinking skills. A higher FIM change score demonstrates greater improvement.

Functional Independence

Discharge Destination

The discharge to community rate indicates the percentage of patients discharged to a community-based setting directly following their rehabilitation stay. Most of our patients return to a community-based setting at discharge.

Rehabilitation Outcomes Discharge Destination

* Discharge to community is defined as patients whose discharge destination was home, room and board, transitional living, intermediate care or assisted living residence.

We contact patients after discharge and invite them to regular focus groups and use that feedback to continuously improve our services. Of patients surveyed:

  • Only 7 percent experienced an emergency room visit or hospital stay within 30 days of discharge from the rehabilitation unit
  • 100 percent felt their rehabilitation stay was beneficial
  • 81 percent achieved predicted mobility goals
  • 77 percent achieved predicted discharge destination

Stroke and Neurology Outcomes

Stroke patients are the largest population served on the St. Cloud Hospital Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit. The second largest group includes patients with neurological conditions including traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and dysfunction, and neurological disorders. 

In both groups, we achieved better functional improvement as demonstrated by the total FIM change and length of stay efficiency during the duration, compared to regional and national rehabilitation facilities.

Stroke Patients

Rehabilitation Outcomes Stroke

Neurological Patients

Rehab Outcomes Stroke Discharges

Adolescent Outcomes

Children with major illnesses and complex injuries have different needs than adults. Our rehabilitation team is committed to providing personalized, coordinated care to support adolescent patients, ages 13-17, and their families. We work with our patients to achieve optimum independence, allowing them to return to home, school and community.


Rehabilitation Outcomes Adolescent Length of Stay

* During fiscal years 2010-2016. 

Adolescent patients by fiscal year

Adolescent patients by fiscal year

Reason for Admission

Rehabilitation Outcomes Adolescent Reason for Admission

* During fiscal years 2010-2016. 

Discharge Destination

It is common for our adolescent patients go to a community-based setting directly following their stay.

Rehabilitation Adolescent Discharge Destination 


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Data for July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016, unless otherwise specified.