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Faith Community Nurse Foundation Classes (Required)

Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Curriculum

Across the United States, 140 locations/universities/agencies provide the basic education required for a Parish Nurse/Faith Community Nurse.

In Minnesota, there are two organizations that provide the basic program:

  • Concordia College of Moorhead – Visit website for more information.
  • Faith Community Nurse Network of the Greater Twin Cities (FCNNTC) offers the International Parish Nurse Resource Center (IPNRC) certified course in a 42.4 CEU format taught by professional nursing faculty who are both educators and experienced faith community nurses representing an array of faith community nursing practice. For more information or questions about the Faith Community Nursing Course, please contact FCNN at 651-204-0904 or To register, download a brochure and to learn more, please visit

Continuing Education: Required Ongoing Education

Parish Nurses are required to meet the Minnesota Board of Nursing criteria for continuing education which is 24 hours every two years. These continuing education programs may include both clinical nursing as well as courses that enhance the parish nurse role.

  • MN Board of Nursing contact hours (formerly referred to as Continuing Education Units or CEUs) are based on 60 minutes of learning. Last at least 0.25 contact hours (15 minutes). Continuing Education. Overview (CE Rules & Requirements) from MN Department of Nursing Continuing Ed Link: MN Board of Nursing CE Rules. Learn more at
  • Parish Nurses in the Diocese of Saint Cloud are required to complete the Diocesan Safe Environment Training and report the training to the parish office.

Parish Nurse Recruitment Samples

Parish Nursing is the specialized practice of professional nursing that focuses on the intentional care of the spirit as part of the process of promoting wholistic health and preventing or minimizing illness in a faith community. It is a part of a broader outreach health ministry. With parish nursing and a structured health ministry program, the parishioners find connectedness, encouragement, hope and love.

Download the following resources to help recruit other Faith Community Nurses and share information about its mission.

Sample Bulletin Announcement (PDF)
FCN Recruitment Letter (PDF)
Letter From Alison Jergens, FCN, on Her Ministry (PDF)
FCN Exploration and Implementation Packet (PDF)


FCN 2018 pinIntegrators of faith and health. Ten women commissioned as new faith community nurses. Watch for 2019 classes being planned.

Congratulations to ten Registered Nurses who were commissioned as new faith community nurses at a ceremony Nov. 9, 2018 at Grace United Methodist Church in St. Cloud after completing the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing class.

Faith community nursing is a specialized area of professional nursing recognized by the American Nurses Association for RNs. These nursing professionals, who have taken on additional learning to be leaders and ministers in their faith communities, are known as integrators of faith and health. All participants received a scholarship for our second class this year from a PRIDE Grant from the CC Foundation. 16 RNs have completed the class this year.

Read more: Integrators of Faith and Health — Central Minnesota Catholic Magazine, November 2018

Mass for Health Care Professionals — November 4, 2018

Mass for Health Care ProfessionalsRead More: Blessing the Hands That Heal — Central Minnesota Catholic Magazine, November 2018

Read Father Tom Knoblauch's homily at

The tradition of the “White” Mass in the United States finds its origins in the development of the national Catholic Medical Association in the early 1930s. From its inception, the medical profession has been understood as a healing profession, a way in which Christ’s work continues upon the earth. The White Mass, so named by the color worn by those in the healing profession of medicine, gathers health care professionals under the patronage of St. Luke to ask God’s blessing upon the patient doctor, nurse and caregiver alike.

Faith Community Nurse Commissioning — April 2018

Six new Faith Community Nurses were commissioned on Friday, April 20, 2018 by Grace United Methodist Church Pastor, Diana Dunham. The Faith Community Nurse Partnership received a CentraCare Foundation Grant to bring classes to St. Cloud. Six new Faith Community Nurses were  commissioned on Friday, April 20, 2018.

Learn more about our fellow FCNs:

  • Joyce Uselman is the FCN at St. Ann’s Church in Wadena and her pastor is so happy to welcome her ministry (as are all the pastors of those who are now in FCN Ministry in their churches) and will be mentored by another active FCN in St. Hubert’s in Bluegrass.
  • Julie Kouba is a FCN at St. Francis Church is Sartell (now 1 of 4 there) and is helping us create Heart Failure information for FCNs in Churches with Christy and Dona from the SCH Heart Failure project in a new collaboration. Julie recently accepted a nursing position in Clinical Cardiology at CentraCare and will be mentored by three FCN’s at her church and other Sartell area FCNs.
  • Missey Pedersen will use the Whole person care in her work as a nurse at St. Cloud Hospital as a float RN and in her church, Living Waters in Sartell, joining another FCN.
  • Lora Lee is waiting to join a church and now helps our group with health fairs, and projects.
  • Rona Bleess is the FCN at Trinity Lutheran in Long Prairie and is retiring from her career at CentraCare there.
  • Peggy Gracula is FCN at Our Lady of Seven Dolor’s in Evansville and the four church cluster there and will be mentored by other FCN’s in the Alexandria area

2018 Faith Community Nurse commissionings

The class members pictured are:

Back Row: Jennifer Michalson, Motley Free Methodist, Motley; Susan Newkirk, Motley Free Methodist, Motley; Angie Moscho, St. Boniface, Cold Spring; Katie Theisen, St. Cloud; Deb Haagenson, Hubbard United Methodist Church, Hubbard; Marnie Czech, Holy Trinity, Royalton

Front Row: Joyce Simones, Educator for class; Leslie Ender, Duluth; Bridget Huber, St. Marcus, Clear Lake; Janelle Maciej, St. Stanislaus, Bowlus; Amanda Noaeill, Immanuel Lutheran, Princeton; Carol Engelhart, Educator