AED Automated External Defibrillator Law

News story: Church AED used at Parish Festival. Three receive Act of Compassion for life-saving efforts at Sacred Heart Parish Festival. (PDF)

A new law was passed in Minnesota that requires AEDs to be registered with a maintenance program by August 2014.

The AED Registration Law (403.51) requires all public access AEDs to be registered with a program that offers maintenance updates.

Carol Frazee, of the Allina Your Heart Safe Team, Supervisor, Heart Safe Communities, will discuss the new MN AED Law and free program to assist in AED use and maintenance. You can call to ask questions about the AED you have, set an appointment for her to come to your church to review your AED and polices and get advice. She also has grant information for purchase of AED’s.

To set up an appointment to have assistance and have your AED checked, e-mail or call 651-241-4470.

Allina Health Heart Safe is happy to assist anyone with any questions regarding their AED or CPR/AED training. They can check the AED for readiness and recalls, review maintenance of the AED, and assist in finding low cost/no cost training options in your community. Allina Health Heart Safe does not charge for of these services, and has available all replacement AED parts.

In Minnesota the easiest way to do this is by registering AEDs with the free Minnesota AED Registry.

Registering an AED with the Minnesota AED Registry is easy to do and can help the AED site manger maintain their AED by receiving notifications of the AED's upcoming electrodes and battery expiration, recalls and national notices, access to AED and SCA awareness building materials and the ability to participate in the AED Link system where available.

You can find a guide to registering your AED with the Minnesota AED Registry along with other AED maintenance information here. Minnesota AED Law FAQ "Public access AED" means an AED that is intended to be used by the public for the general public that may be in the vicinity or location of that AED.

"Maintenance program or package" means a program that will alert the AED owner when the AED has electrodes and batteries due to expire or replaces those expiring electrodes and batteries for the AED owner.