Juniper Resources

Visit the from MN Council on Aging.

Website features:

  • Learn more about Juniper Programs, or Find a Class Near You
  • Juniper provides evidence-based health management programs through a large number of regional partnerships across Minnesota. Evidence-based programs are proven to promote health and prevent disease among adults with chronic health conditions.
    • Example: FCN, Marjorie Henkemeyer set up the Diabetes Prevention Program class at St. Joseph Church and all participants lost weight, some were able to lower insulin dose and all lowered risk for diabetes and heart disease.
  • Open site, either select by class you want to attend, such as Diabetes Prevention Program, or zip code to see what classes are available in your area and sign up
  • As FCN’s. take this opportunity to teach your faith community members to use this resource
  • Your faith community can sponsor a class at your church. Contact them.
  • Site also has link to when training is available for you or others in your faith community to sign up to become trained to lead Evidence Based Classes

Additional Resources: