What Is Faith Community Nursing Poster

For Faith Community Nurse's to use to teach about their role.

This 5 Finger Exercise was created by FCN Coordinators from across MN Poster Presentation at the 2016 Westberg Symposium. You have permission to use with their wholehearted endorsement, just credit it: ©2016 Minnesota Faith Community Nurse Program Coordinators.

The goal of this poster is to share a definition of Faith Community Nursing that we can all use and can help us explain across our state what we are in a common form. Our goal was to make it a 5 Minute Elevator Speech so we could tell people who ask “What does a FCN do?”, and have us all using a similar message about our FCN Specialty in nursing. You can use this form to create your own speech.

Faith Community Nursing Poster (PDF)

Create Your Own Elevator Speech Worksheet (PDF)