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Have pesky belly fat?

Published in Weight Management, For the Health of It Author: John Inkster, MS

While this title may be a gimmick to get your attention, there is no simple trick to get rid of belly fat. It is impossible to spot reduce fat from one specific part on the body. Core exercises to strengthen and tone abdominal muscles are great but they will not decrease belly fat. The key exercise component to burning calories and changing body composition is aerobic exercise.

The time goal minimum for aerobic exercise is to accumulate at least 150 minutes per week. The more time you do, the more benefits you get. For weight loss, you will burn more calories, and more fat calories, if you are able to exercise in the 45-60 minute range per exercise session. A long session like that 2-3 times per week would be a great goal to work your way up to.

But don’t lose hope if this sounds too daunting. Anything is better than nothing. Just start with what you can do, even a few minutes at a time, and gradually do a little more. There are so many benefits to being fit — even if your belly isn’t as flat as you would like.