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CentraCare Health Foundation exists to improve health and health care. It really is that simple, it just takes a tremendous amount of work. Our staff and our board tackle that challenge head on, engaging our community to invest in exceptional care within CentraCare Health and its 23-county service area. The Foundation’s work — and your generosity — benefit all of Central Minnesota by supporting advances in treatment and technology across a spectrum of health care services.

There are different ways to give, and simply put, your gift will provide a healthier future.

Clearwater Travel Plaza Raises More Than $200,000 for Community Health

Clearwater Travel Plaza Golf TournamentBy hosting numerous fundraising events since 2009, the Clearwater Travel Plaza has helped raise over $200,000 for the Coborn Cancer Center in St. Cloud. Not only are they a family-focused company with life-long employees, they also are committed to their community, because, according to Chief Operating Officer Wendy Johnson, “It’s the right thing to do.”

Wendy is committed to her employees, too, and has been with the company for 33 years. She is a humble leader who wants them to know that no matter her title, she is, and will always be, one of them.

“I won’t ask anyone on my team to do something I wouldn’t do myself,” says Wendy. From working in the restaurant on Sundays to painting a wall when needed, Johnson is on the front lines with her team. Leading by example can “show your team that you care, that you appreciate them, and you are here to support them — my success is your success, and vice versa.”

Clearwater Travel Plaza Annual Golf TournamentFrom an annual golf tournament, to hosting an annual cancer walk, to a past outdoor Zumba class event, the Clearwater Travel Plaza has raised over $200,000 for the Coborn Cancer Center since 2009. “The Coborn Cancer Center is just down the road from us, and it serves our local community; some of our employees and their families have received care there, so that makes it the obvious choice. We want to make sure the fundraised dollars go to where we want them, so that we, and our community, can get the health care they need,” said Wendy.

And they are not only focused on supporting their employees, but also raising dollars and providing a great experience for all who participate in any of their fundraising events.

Annual Golf Tournament
Wendy says of their annual golf tournament held at Eagle Trace’s Driftwood Golf Course, “There is a lot of excitement in the air. The golf course is covered in pink — with lots of people and teams gathered. And people know why they are there: to have fun and raise money. We self-fund all our events, so sponsors have to write their checks directly to CentraCare. This way they know that Clearwater Travel Plaza is not taking any of their money and their dollars are going right to CentraCare Health.

Clearwater Travel Plaza Annual Golf TouramentTrust is a big thing for people to give money, and our hope is that the money goes right to the patients. Event integrity is important to us, too. Before we tee off, I remind all participants where the money goes, and we all know why we are there. And we don’t ask a lot from our sponsors, we keep the golf fee fixed so they keep coming back. Sponsorship fees for holes at $100, and by keeping this fee fixed we make the event something for everyone, so that everyone can participate no matter how much money you have. It’s a great way for individuals to feel good about themselves, too, and hopefully they walk away and say ‘That was a great way to spend a day.’”

Cancer Walk at Warner Lake
Cancer Walk at Warner Lake“We host it on the same day every October, so those who like it can join us every year — consistencies like this are critical to our success,” says Wendy. And no matter the dollar amount raised by walking teams, Wendy and her team find value is every effort. “We have big groups who participate in our walk, and they fundraise all year long. Even if we raise $500, it’s worth it, because every dime we donate is a dime the Cancer Center didn’t have.”

For more information on Clearwater Travel Plaza’s 2019 fundraising events, visit

Donate to the Coborn Cancer Center or the Coborn Healing Center now.

Contact the CentraCare Health Foundation at or call 320.240.2810.

Priority Giving Areas

CentraCare Heart & Vascular Center Funds

  • CentraCare Heart & Vascular Center Greatest Needs
  • Joseph & Susan Kuhl Heart Center Education

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  • Breast Cancer Greatest Needs
  • Cancer Survivorship Program
  • CentraCare Radiation Oncology at Douglas County Hospital
  • Coborn Cancer Center Greatest Needs
  • Dr. Harold E. Windschitl Cancer Research
  • Hind Site
  • Pediatric Cancer Greatest Needs

Behavioral Health Funds

  • Adult Psychiatry Services
  • Behavioral Health Greatest Needs
  • Bernie Belling Recovery
  • Clara’s Fund (Child & Adolescent)
  • Clara’s House Therapeutic Arts
  • Jackson Roeder Memorial Fund
  • Journey Home Greatest Needs
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  • Sallie Engel Fund – Trauma Survivorship
  • Senior Helping Hands – Elder Care Network
  • St. Cloud Hospital Eating Disorders Program Fund

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CentraCare Regional Community Funds

See how the CentraCare Health Foundation engages the philanthropic community in partnerships to improve health and health care in our 2018 Annual Report.

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“Without philanthropy, there would be no Child Life Specialists, no Care Coordinators, no Music or Art Therapists and no Gorecki Guest House or Clara's House."
Christy Gilleland, Foundation Board of Directors Chair

This past year, 7,300 benefactors contributed more than $10 million to CentraCare Health to support educational programs, research and services that improve health and health care in our region.

We are so grateful for your generous gifts and support, which provide hope and healing.

In the past fiscal year, CentraCare Health Foundation distributed more than $12 million for a variety of programs and services throughout Central Minnesota.

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